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  1. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share your words and perspective. Everyone does indeed have a story, and I commend you for having the courage to share yours so publicly!

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  2. Namaste Bitches. Perfectly sums up the sentiment.

    Keep posting, give them something else to hate about. Lest they have to think about their own lives ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As Louise Hay says, those who are critical always attract much to criticize. They refuse to change themselves so they find fault in others.


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  3. I know this doesn’t directly correlate with your post, but I found it very accurate what you said about saying “%$&* off”. I think too often, we think that all negative speech is hate speech, when really there are circumstances where the most loving thing you can do is to say “fuck off!”
    What you said about love is so true. I have realized that I play it safe too often, in order to protect myself. Really, I would be free to live my life in a larger way if I was willing to love when it’s scary. Great point!

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  4. I love how honest this post is.From Namaste Bitches ( which you really should do) to your poem about the struggles of a jealous ex. I can’t believe someone would try to get you fired over a blog! The whole point of blogging is that you get to give your own perception, thoughts, and views,without the judgment or input of others. At least that’s my understanding.

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