The Way of Peace


When fear crops up in our consciousness, it is a reminder to work towards manifesting the opposite of this fear.  When we fear terrorism, we should work harder towards creating a world with more peace, a world with more resources and opportunities for all people.  When we fear losing our abundance, we should work harder towards making sure that those who have already lost everything can rebuild their lives and live fulfilling lives.  In helping others, we help ourselves.  In condemning others, we condemn ourselves.

This earth is all of ours, shared by each of us.  Polluting it for one family’s benefit, while poisoning everyone downstream with cancer causing substances is not acceptable.

What we cannot afford to do is make decisions that are leading us away from the collective recognition of the possibility of world peace.  Inflated egos do not create peace.

My Background Growing Up in East Texas:  As a child I was intuitively and deeply connected to children around the globe, partially due to a series of profound dreams that often left me disoriented and feeling unwell in the morning.  These conscious stretching dreams made me very different from all the family members around me and different from my culture.  I was never impressed by hate for other cultures and countries.

As a child and as an adult, I’ve worked to understand how others think and worked to bridge gaps in my understanding and the understanding of others to create peaceful, diverse classroom environments.  Coming from a heart-centered place allows others to relax and preform better in school. This theory can work for larger environments as well.

These profound dreams I had in childhood helped me see that I would be part of an awakening consciousness on earth brought here to help transform the world to a more peaceful, enlightened state.  I am one of many, many people who know that love is all that matters, and I am here to tell you that division, anger, blame, and hateful rhetoric is not the way to a peaceful life .  That way will not produce the type experience or movie that makes a crowd tear up with the beauty of the human spirit and the amazing ways we all have to help one another.

I speak from a place of openness and heart centered consciousness.  I want the best possible life for all living beings in this country and around the world.

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  1. Thank you for this! I could not agree more! They have it exactly opposite from what is reality. Up is down, right is left, evil is good to them…..everything is upside down in their world.

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