Trump’s Vision is Not the Way of Peace:  A NDErs Take on the Rhetoric of the Right


Trump’s voice is definitely NOT MY VOICE.  I have my own unique voice, thank you very much.  My voice is informed by the beauty and consciousness of the divine light of being.  The rhetoric of fear will never lead us toward a peaceful world.

When fear crops up in our consciousness, it is a reminder to work towards manifesting the opposite of this fear.  When we fear terrorism, we should work harder towards creating a world with more peace, a world with more resources and opportunities for all people.  When we fear losing our abundance, we should work harder towards making sure that those who have already lost everything can rebuild their lives and live fulfilling lives.  In helping others, we help ourselves.  In condemning others, we condemn ourselves.

Building Walls:  Has an emotional wall built out of fear ever benefited your relationships?  How then, will a wall create a better relationship with our neighboring country?  For every negative story about someone from a particular country or of a particular race who committed murder, there are millions of other stories of wonderful, lovely people from the same race or country doing wonderful, loving things in the United States of America.

Every semester, I meet the young men and women of immigrants, and these children are hard-working, dream-filled, law-abiding, beautiful people.  Their parents sacrificed in astounding ways, sometimes cleaning other’s houses, mowing other people’s lawns, opening restaurants, and often eventually becoming citizens and getting educations themselves.

I know amazing immigrants who have moved to the United States, immigrants who work hard and are sometimes more grateful for opportunities here than people who are born in the U.S.  A wall between the U.S. and Mexico will not make us a better country.  A closer, more understanding relationship with Mexico will create a better world.  Clearer communication with Mexico will create a better world.  That is the Way of Peace.

Other:  There is so much talk of “other” in the rhetoric of the right and in Trump’s speeches.  There is no collective recognition that we are in this life connected to one another, and each decision we make from a place of division instead of unity creates more eventual violence and more trauma.  Have you ever noticed how in the movies that feature aliens, a leader always says something to the effect of, “We must band together as humankind.”  Though we are not facing an alien invasion, it is past time that we work together as humankind, as human beings.

This earth is all of ours, shared by each of us.  Polluting it for one family’s benefit, while poisoning everyone downstream with cancer causing substances is no longer acceptable. When Trump awkwardly told the LGBT community that he will protect them from foreign radicals, I couldn’t help laughing, even in the wake of the Orlando tragedy.  The LGBT community needs protection from the very party he is running under which is hoping to erase the progress of the decision made by the Supreme Court last summer.  If ever I felt that the Age of Aquarius had dawned, I felt it had in that moment last summer.

Young men and women (sometimes frightened by the hate of our culture) can now love a bit more openly because of that decision.  They can grow up without having to fight in the same way so many others before them had to fight just to love someone.  The LGBT community needs protection from the hateful language of the right and beliefs that sexual orientation can be reoriented through a particular religion.  This is simply inaccurate and a waste of time.

For a community that cares so much about the freedom to bear arms, please leave women’s reproductive choices and the LGBT community alone.  Let people have freedom to choose who to marry and let women decide when to bring a child into this world.  Stock pile your guns.  Don’t use them on doctors and nurses at abortion clinics or on young men who want to kiss one another.  We’ve had enough of that kind of terrorism.

We Cannot Afford to Create Division Anymore:  Trump asserts, “We cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore.”  Then, he proceeds to lie over and over again.  The only sport he is winning at is lying and bullying.  What we cannot afford to do is make decisions that are leading us away from the collective recognition of the possibility of world peace.  Ego is not how peace is created.

Imagine two men with very large egos competing for resources.  When they work together to save the lives of their drowning children who are dear friends, they suddenly feel like sharing.  They make a meal together.  They try to create a world that is better for their children, and this world is created through cooperation, empathy, and understanding.  What we cannot afford to do is waste time fighting over resources when we can work towards the creation of a peaceful, abundant, world where no one is enslaved, no one is abused, no one is a pawn—a world where everyone’s creativity and gifts are acknowledged.

My Background Growing Up in East Texas:  As a child I was intuitively and deeply connected to children around the globe, partially due to a series of profound dreams that often left me disoriented and feeling unwell in the morning.  These conscious stretching dreams made me very different from all the family members around me and different from my culture.  I was never impressed by hate for other cultures and countries.  The anger exposed by the Republican Party turned my stomach.  Growing up in a red state, I simply didn’t fit in.  As Reagan was elected and everyone cheered, I thought about all the people on the streets who would not benefit from trickle down theories.  Veterans and others would die to show us the errors of our ways, the greed and fear that reigned.  I worried about global issues without even knowing how I intuitively understood these issues.

As a child and as an adult, I’ve worked to understand how others think and worked to bridge gaps in my understanding and the understanding of others to create peaceful, diverse classroom environments.  Coming from a heart-centered place allows others to relax and preform better in school. This theory can work for larger environments as well.

These profound dreams I had in childhood helped me see that I would be part of an awakening consciousness on earth brought here to help transform the world to a more peaceful, enlightened state.  I am one of many, many people who are waking up, and I am here to tell you that division, anger, blame, and hateful rhetoric disguised as “not politically correct dialogue” is not the way to a peaceful life .  That way will not produce the type of movie that makes a crowd tear up with the beauty of the human spirit and the amazing abilities we all have to help one another.

Though you may bemoan the alternative of Hilary Clinton or perhaps you voted for Bernie Saunders and still wish he was on the ticket, please realize that much of your consciousness is effected by what you merely repeat from sound bites.  Though Clinton may not the perfect candidate, she is more aligned with unity consciousness and has a much better understanding the rights and perspectives of diverse populations of people who reside in the U.S. than Trump.  There is more love in her message than in Trump’s message.  Listen openly, and don’t fall prey to the paranoia of random conspiracy theories.  I speak from a place of openness and heart centered consciousness.  I want the best possible life for all living beings in this country and around the world.

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  1. Thank you for this! I could not agree more! They have it exactly opposite from what is reality. Up is down, right is left, evil is good to them…..everything is upside down in their world.

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