Nine Days of Only Raw Fruits and Vegetables: Following the Advice of the Medical Medium–Anthony William

spinach soup

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Nine days of only raw fruits and vegetables, and only nineteen more days to go…  Who in their right mind would give up amazing foods like goat cheese, eggs, salmon, wild rice, and chocolate for twenty-eight days?

Answer:  Someone who is desperate to cut the pain of fibromyalgia and Hashimotos thyroiditis.  I’m following the medical medium’s plan for a twenty-eight day cleanse.  Anthony William describes autoimmune diseases and the causes differently from the way the medical profession describes them.  In fact, he flat-out says, the body IS NOT attacking itself.  The body is overloaded with bacteria, fungus, viral infections, heavy metals, and other toxicities.

I’ve heard theories like this before.  I’m well-read when it comes to herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, and alternative medicine, so nothing he says in the book shocked me.  I’ve already given up corn, gluten, soy, artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and cut back on caffeine.  With my own muscle testing, I didn’t react well to whey protein or iron supplements, so I didn’t take these two things.  I’ve tried a vegan diet.  I’ve tried a Paleo diet.  I’m open to experimenting with food as a cure.  When I recovered from surgery after my NDE, I ate at least 80% fruit and vegetables every day thanks to my mom’s interest in health.  She was reading books like Fit for Life and Diet for a New America among others.  I healed remarkably well and quickly during that time and realized that raw fruits and vegetables can be very healing.

I was only shocked that the cleanse Anthony William suggests lasts twenty-eight days. Throughout my life, I’ve done lots of three day cleanses, seven day cleanses, and even one nine day Master Cleanse.   After today, I’m journeying into uncharted territory as I start day ten.

The first day of any cleanse is the toughest.  After that, you don’t really feel that hungry, and you only miss cooked food when you smell it or see others eating it.  Today, I desperately missed the crunch of bean chips, but the moment passed and I felt fine.

With any cleanse, there are moments of fatigue, but I look at these moments as moments of healing for the body.  It takes a lot of effort to reverse damage, and the body needs rest in order to right itself.  I’m trying to feast and not starve, so I’m making awesome blended soups and smoothies.  Avocado dressing has been a godsend for salads.

Autoimmune Disorders:  The medical profession seems lost when it comes to fibromyalgia.  I’ve watched doctors shrug and say they can’t offer me much advice.  I’m not interested in taking an antidepressant, and most doctors who are honest say that Cymbalta will have side-effects and not help fibromyalgia as much as light exercise and diet.

My thyroid condition (Hashimotos thyroiditis) was overlooked for four years because my thyroid numbers appeared fine on the tests.  Five years ago, I sent an MRI of my neck area to two family physicians and one specialist.  None of the three doctors bothered to tell me that the technician noted that my thyroid was swollen.  Finally, a chiropractor looked at the CD and told me to get my numbers checked one more time.  I hadn’t struggled with weight issues or fatigue, but by the time I got in to see my doctor and get a blood test, my numbers were out of control.  The doctor’s office called frantically, afraid I might be in danger of a Myxedema Coma.  I’ve had a long journey trying to balance my thyroid.

I’m not bashing doctors.  I’ll be forever grateful to my surgeon and honest doctors I’ve met over the years who’ve told me about supplements they personally take or their wives take.  However, the “mystery illnesses” like autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, depression, migraines, PTSD, PMS, and adrenal fatigue are not handled well by the medical profession.

I do recommend the book Medical Medium by Anthony William.  He covers all the mystery illnesses and offers some hope.  The section on how to heal is my favorite section of the book.  I like a detailed eating plan, so I’m following his plan.

I’ll let you know how I feel at the end of the twenty-eight days.  The celery juice in the morning seems to be helping with gut issues.  It was gross as heck the first morning, but today, I added a little cucumber and enjoyed it.  The recipe for blended spinach soup (featured in the picture) is actually pretty good–garlic, cilantro, tomatoes, spinach and spices.

I hope for much healing and health for everyone!

(Update….I made a video two years after this blog was posted to update you on my healing journey with hashimotos hypothyroidism.  Thank you for all of your questions.  May you be blessed and receive much healing.)

17 thoughts on “Nine Days of Only Raw Fruits and Vegetables: Following the Advice of the Medical Medium–Anthony William

  1. There is so much poison in our environment, it’s no wonder we have ‘mystery’ diseases. Organic raw food is naturally detoxifying while being extremely nutritious. A win win for healing the body. There are actually raw food communities and restaurants. Perhaps that’s where you could get the support you need . Blessings and love. (PS: I actually love celery juice. It’s one of my faves! Try it with lime and green apple. It will change your life.)

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    • I will try the lime and green apple for sure! I realized that adding cucumber makes it very nice and pleasant:-) I’m farther into the cleanse now about 75% of my pain is gone. I can’t believe it! So amazing… Good luck to you. Thanks for your comment.


      • The Thyroid Healing protocol will change your life. I didn’t even bother with the 28 day cleanse. I was extremely ill too when the third book was released and I jumped straight to the Thyroid Healing protocol. 7 months in I’m decreased meds and have energy & am starting to feel normal some days. You will never need anything else once you start this.

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  2. Hello, I’m just wondering how you’ve been healing since having done the cleanse. I have hoped to do it, but I can never get the nerve to just go for it. If it’s worked well for you, I’d love to know.

    Thank you.

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    • Christina…I had a lot of pain in my hands and feet from Fibromyalgia and that pain is reduced by about 80%. I also couldn’t seem to get Hashimotos Thyroditis under control and my thyroid is much better and stabilized. My skin is clear and healthier looking from this kind of diet. The cleanse was hard, but it made a huge difference for me. I also have chronic fatigue, and that is a two year plan. I’ll have to stop drinking coffee to address that problem. I’m too busy and can’t commit to getting off coffee at the moment. As long as I avoid the ten things he suggests, I feel pretty good. However, if I eat dairy or corn (hardest things for me to avoid), I immediately feel more of the pain and/or indigestion returning. I pretty much have to be perfect with my diet in order to feel good. So…yes…and no…. I’m largely healed, but I have to work at it every day. I hope that answers your question. Good luck to you on this journey. I wish you much healing….


      • I don’t take synthroid. I don’t react well to that thyroid medication at all. I still have hashimotos but the nodules have decreased, and I haven’t had to increase my meds over time. I am interested in reading the next Medical Medium book about thyroid disease.


  3. Hi Tricia.

    I was just wondering how you are doing. Has your thyroid continued to heal and stabilize? Or does it flare up with no real cause? I have not done the cleanse, but you have inspired me to try. I have read both books and am eating lots more variety of vegetables. Unfortunately, fruits cause my thyroid to overreact and then I become fatigued and constantly hungry.

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    • Thanks for checking on me, and good luck with the cleanse if you decide to do it. I have learned that I need less fruit and more veggies. Certainly, too much fruit may not be the best option for me either. It did seem to work during the cleanse, but now I focus on more balance and more veggies now. I had an MRI and I think radiation is so bad for the thyroid. I wore the thyroid cuff, but I wish I didn’t have to have that. I tried drinking a lot of cranberry juice to mitigate the damage (that’s what the medical medium said to do)….I hope that helped. I really did benefit from the cleanse. I think staying in balance now is still tricky. Fasting or doing a juice fast one day a week is my new thing….seems to help. Good luck to you!


      • Magnetic Resonance does not give you radiation. X rays and CAT scans do, MR is safe in this respect.


  4. HI Tricia,

    Thanks for your posts/blog. I was diagnosed with beginning Hashimotos (fairly common among women apparently). I went on the suggested Naturethroid (I am not a proponent of pharmaceuticals) and this seemed to be the “most natural” form of thyroid. About 2 months of being on this I decided that this was not going to heal my thyroid and it would only mask the problems making it look like my thyroid was getting better. My Mom introduced me to Anthony Williams and his book. I figured, yes he is a medium, very interesting but my condition is not detrimental so how could changing my nutrition harm myself any more?
    I dove into the month cleanse also, with celery juice in the morning, no gluten, no dairy and no eggs. This change wasn’t too hard for me because we eat pretty well anyway. I am getting re-tested at the end of January for my thyroid levels and hope I’m on the right path.

    I believe our bodies should and can heal naturally and when they are in balance run optimally allowing us to feel fantastic, energetic, with clarity and an overall sense of well being. I look forward to hearing how you are feeling and what measurable results you are experiencing!


  5. Hello. I have “Hashimoto’s” according to medicine. I have Anthony Williams thyroid healing book & I’ve been following his life changing methods. Just 4 months ago I thought I would have to up my medications & now just 30 days on the Thyroid Healing. I no longer get anxiety, I am walking 5km a day from doing nothing and I have a libido 😉 there are crazy days where I feel so gritty and grotty but I can feel it’s the body saying good-bye to things that don’t suit it anymore like viruses. For me it’s working. I am also not irritable anymore. I look back now to months ago and how grumpy I was to friends, just irritable and no matter how much I tried to find an answer of why I was behaving like that I couldn’t. I know why now. So I’ll check in with my doc in 6-weeks and ask if I can start to lower my doses xxxxx remember to “follow” the protocol properly if you want results. And don’t give up ….. there will be hard days but you’ll get through. ❤️

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  6. I’m experiencing positive things from just eating raw fruits and vegetables so far, but I wonder if this is simply because I was eating a high fat, high protein diet before (again in a desperate bid to restore my health), and whether I’m simply failing to learn from my mistakes. At the moment I’m grasping at so many straws — supplements, diets (some of which have proved pretty harmful), philosophies, extreme experiences; it’s so hard to be objective when you’re desperate and afraid. You mentioned that you’ve cut down on your fruit intake since discovering the MM protocol. Is there any other aspect of the diet you think is perhaps flawed (if indeed you think that high fruit intake is flawed)?


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