Video About The Angels From My NDE

Update on 1/19/19:  My memoir, Angels in the OR: What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival, and Transformation, can be pre-ordered now. It is a #1 new release in several categories.  I would love it if you helped me make near-death experiences more mainstream.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this excerpt. I think you attention to detail is wonderful. The descriptive words that you use helped me see the event very clear. All I can say is WOW! Teach me to write like this.

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  3. What an amazing story! My honest first thoughts were; “how can she be sure it wasn’t the anesthesia?” or “these could totally be dreams!”, but as I continued reading, the unbelievable inspiration began to fill my heart! As a christian, that can sometimes feel doubtful, this was so powerful for me. I was almost in tears. I love how you illustrated how much you wanted to stay in the “light” and how it guided you to your current career that you would have never considered! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Your experience, like your writing, is truly inspirational! What I found most profound in the story was how liberating “The Light” was, and how that contrasted with the entrapment of re-entering the limitations of an earthly body. You had a beautiful glimpse of life after this one, which adds value to what you could accomplish here and now. Your story is inspirational.

    As a teenager, my favorite magazine was “Guideposts.” The experience you wrote of here, should be in that magazine, in a section they call “His Mysterious Ways.”

    This was a beautiful story, and should be shared more.

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    • Thank you. I remember Guideposts as well. I appreciate your comment. It was disappointing to no longer be able to fly and feel completely and deeply loved. Most NDEers have no fear of death, so I hope telling my story gives others peace about the dying process. Many blessings to you.


  5. I enjoyed reading this. It caught my attention from the very begging. I love all the detail it made me feel as if I was there. This story is such an inspiration.

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  6. I have always been scared of leaving this world, and leaving my family behind. Scared of what happens after the lights turn off. Your life experience has put my mind at ease. It has opened my mind to think in a different prospective of what I can look forward to. It helped me understand that I should stop being mad all the time, worrying and thinking negative and focus more on being happy, going outdoors, having more fun with my daughter, laughing as much as I can and living life to the fullest. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

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    • Norma…thanks so much for your response. Life is indeed precious. I hope you have lots of beautiful moments outdoors with your daughter. Near Death Experiencers have no fear of death, and we want to put others minds at ease as well.


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  8. What a beautiful article. Aside from the amazing experience you describe, what really hit home for me was this line: “I saw that I shunned people who were not exactly like me, and I saw how I was missing out on a world of connection.”

    I realize that i have done that too. I still do sometimes. It really inspired me to start celebrating the differences in others and value my own preferances enough not to need anyone to share that exact experience. Thank you!

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    • Thanks for sharing what helped you. Working with the public has been a blessing, and I don’t think I would have enjoyed it that much with out my “attitude change” on the other side. I have met so many amazing students over the years, and enjoyed every moment of it.


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  10. Thank you, Tricia, for sharing your experience, I am so very grateful! As a child I knew that love was all that mattered and felt like a square peg in a round hole navigating a world that didn’t seem to value it much at all. I now share that message as an author/illustrator of children’s books after years of fighting that calling and focusing on a ‘real job’. Your story inspires me to continue.

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  14. This was such a great read! I enjoyed the imagery you shared with us, allowing us to see how your light/soul soared around the hospital. I hope that talking about these instances does become more common practice in healthcare than it is currently. Though some people are fearful of what they do not understand, choosing to ignore it or stay tight lipped. As with every topic, though, some in the healthcare industry would love to chat more about these experiences. I guess you’ve just got to be lucky enough to have one happen under the right persons care. I know a few nurses and providers, including myself, who would love to hear about and discuss “paranormal” or “out of body” experiences. Im sure I will be watching your video on this too, as I’m sure it will draw me in just as well.

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  15. I found your story very interesting. I have always felt that there are guardians around us and sometimes I can feel the work they are doing within the fabric of my life. I have seen miracles with in my own family that gives me confirmation that there has to be God and angels in this world around us, There is no way we are here alone. So amazing that you were able to remember your story and share it with others,

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  19. Your experience alleviates concerns we sometimes have about “the end.” It sounds so peaceful and so beautiful that for you being back must be so peaceful. I would want to do exactly what you are doing: telling everyone the details leading up to it, how beautiful it was, and how it was difficult to leave. Thank you for making it a point to teach others the lessons that this experience taught you.

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  22. I love this. Honestly, I love stories like this, so I had high expectations and they were met. I love how much detail there is. It makes it feel as if I can almost see it in my head as a movie. Such a well spoken/written piece.

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  31. HI Tricia,
    I feel so jealous of your NDE. I feel very cheated that you have those images to keep.
    I feel so lacking in power with my NDE. In fact, I don’t even remember leaving my body. I remember invisible beings close to me, sometimes talking to me in my head, sometimes from across the room. Around the age of 8 I became very anti social. I felt so stupid and unloved that I chose to not talk to anyone. Nobody liked the stories I told of these invisible beings that spoke to me like counselors.
    These invisible beings wanted me to pray for that raging, grieving mother that I existed with.
    I told others that there was no such thing as death and they had hateful faces for me. I learned to talk to no one. I have yet to have a best friend, or boyfriend or husband and this society says I am 63 years old.
    In my 20’s earth time, one of these voices I bonded with led me to the book “Living the Infinite Way”. My goosebumps of joy had begun.
    Then I found books written by beings from another world, like the Seth books and Edgar Cayce books. No one understood these books, so I stayed anti social.
    But after reading books like “Healers and the Healing Process” which spoke of doctors being in another reality that were connected to us, I began to wish the best for others. I wanted to see magic and miracles. Then one day a co worker fell down in pain in front of me. I asked him if he wanted a doctor and he said nothing. Then I felt a huge amount of energy enter my body and just vibrate there, waiting as if I was supposed to do something. So I put my hand on this man and instantly he stood up not in pain anymore.
    WOW !!! I had no one to tell. After that I had a few more experiences healing myself with my thoughts. Those Seth books taught me that it was my own thoughts that made me sick. When feeling sick, I was supposed to immediately tell myself that I was well. And this worked.
    I had also read the book “Psychic Healers”. In this book was a chapter about a Korean priest that had stepped on a wooden stake that went up from his foot through his leg. He just pulled it out, and then calmly put his hand on this huge wound for about a few seconds and the soldier with him saw the wound heal up. That fast.
    I wanted to heal that fast. I believed it.
    Then about 3 to 4 years ago, I found information on quantum physics. It said that there was no particle/wave duality. This is how the Kingdom of God is within us. We are all saturated with God’s brain waves, waves being the structure of the space and time that we think we are in. We pulsate with these waves, turning them into frequencies. that is what solidity is–frequencies. That makes solidity an illusion. WOW. We are breathing, eating, and thinking with God’s brain waves. If these waves were not conscious, then nothing would be conscious because we are constantly bursting forth from them. Except, that we resonate these waves into frequencies rather than bursting from them as if we are separate. We are ONE with these waves, constantly turning them into frequencies called solidity. And this has been physics for a very long time. Not that there is such a thing as time.
    So we are these selves of light the whole time. In the book “The Quantum World” I read that quarks are magically bursting forth, spinning billions of times a second, forming what are called protons and neutrons. These quarks spin as 3 points of light. 3 points of light as a proton, 3 points of light as a neutron, one point of light as an electron. That means everyone of our atoms are 7 points of light. And we are full of pulsating, oscillating, spinning atoms !!! WE ARE LIGHT ITSELF !!!! Not separate from that place called heaven. Heaven is our bodies, our world, every thought that we think. We can’t get away from heaven no matter what. Creation is constant, which makes evolution an illusion. As holograms in the holodeck of God’s mind, our images just keep on flowing, seeming to become less “solid” with less concentration. And since it is concentration that is forming these images called solidity, then it is concentration that is measured.
    When people measure “solidity” trying to find the “age” of something, they are actually finding how much the concentration that creates the images has dimmed, OR how much those frequencies have lessened in power that create this particular dimension or frequency band. Everything rotates as energy or God’s brain waves, so age is an illusion. WOW. That makes everything everywhere an illusion, but the waves of energy that are left, which never leaves. And people call this love.
    In the Seth books, God is described as beginning as a point of light and then expanding with awareness into a gestalt of energy and consciousness. Then as this God thought/felt/wanted, images were formed. We are some of those images which God let go to create for themselves. But we are not separate because we are always within God’s mind, always trying to be what God is. We use God’s mind to form our bodies, then at what is called death, we let go of these bodies or frequencies that we have created. Then we realize we are again and always have been what a near death experiencer experiences–the total light and love of our father and mother–God.


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