Following the Advice of the Medical Medium’s Plan after the 28-Day Cleanse

Update:  My memoir Angels in the OR is a #1 new release in several categories.  It is available for pre-order and I would love your support.

Also, I made a video two years after this blog was posted to update you on my healing journey with hashimotos hypothyroidism.  Thank you for all of your questions.  May you be blessed and receive much healing.


The Medical Medium’s Cleanse:  I made it!  I ate raw, organic fruits and vegetables for 28 days.  Besides a great reduction in pain from Fibromyalgia and an end to flare ups from Hashimotos, one of the best outcomes of this cleanse is a growing love and desire for more fresh fruit and vegetables in my daily diet.  I am drawn to what is naturally good for me.  I thought I ate a lot of healthy food and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables before the cleanse, but participating in this cleanse taught me I can certainly add a whole lot more spinach, kale, and other greens into my daily diet.

For 28 -days, I primarily ate freshly blended, juiced, or raw foods, but as the new semester started I need a couple of quick snacks to get me through the day.  Rhythm Superfoods has dehydrated Kale Chips flavored with Bombay Curry.  They also have dehydrated broccoli that proved amazingly tasty. Because I missed spicy food, these two snacks were an awesome treat.

There were moments during the 28-days when I know my body was going through enormous changes, and I felt very tired.  There were other moments when I felt great–super energetic and wondered why I didn’t eat like this more often.  No matter the ups and downs, I stuck with it.  Even after the cleanse, I am continuing with many of the great smoothie ideas and all-natural dressing for salads.

Weight Loss:   By the end of the 28-Day cleanse I lost about eight pounds.  I think I’ll gain a few pounds back in the coming days, but I love how all bloating went away with this diet.  I didn’t want to lose a ton of weight, and I probably I lost the right amount of weight I needed to lose.  Everything about this diet felt right and natural.

Also, I look at food differently after this experience.  Celery is my new HCL pill.  A ginger shot is my new digestive aid.  I’m going to start growing my own spouts and an herb garden.  Green drinks call to me more than Kombucha tea or coffee.

The Body as a Temple:  We’ve all heard that we are what we eat, and I like myself more as someone who is mostly made up of organic fruits and vegetables.  During my cleanse, people I barely know came up to me and told me that my skin had a healthy glow and to keep doing whatever I was doing.  Moments like this helped me know I was on the right track to greater health.

I recommend this cleanse to jump start to one’s health.  It isn’t easy, but I learned so much about habits and how to form healthier habits.    Instead of reaching for a gluten free cookie mid-afternoon, I’m learning to stick to a piece of fruit for natural energy.  I can’t say that I’ll be perfect going forward in my eating habits, but I am certainly aiming to avoid the ten foods Anthony William suggests avoiding.

Avoid these Foods, Additives, and Supplements:  I have absolutely no trouble avoiding corn, soy, gluten, MSG, artificial flavors and sweeteners. I don’t take whey, iron, or fish supplements. I tend to avoid farmed fish and go for wild caught. I’ll admit that I will miss milk products and eggs.  I was a vegan for several years, and a vegetarian for ten years.  I tried the Paleo diet once I found that gluten had a bad effect on Hashimotos.  While eating Paleo meals, I enjoyed pork occasionally, but it won’t be that hard to avoid it. I’m not sure that I’ve ever thought to put something down if it had processed beet sugar or citric acid.  I will be checking for that now.

The hardest thing to avoid will be canola oil.  I love eating out.  I’m a busy professional, and I often grab premade foods from Central Market.  Today, I realized that the green beans with almonds that I usually pick up are made with canola oil.  Many gluten free cookies are made with canola oil.  It has been hard enough to explain that I don’t eat gluten or soy to people.  Now, I’m going to be the, “I’ll have the salad, but hold the cheese and dressing” type of eater at many restaurants.  Canola oil is a lot cheaper, and I imagine that a majority of restaurants use it in place of olive oil.

I feel great though, so I’m sticking with the Medical Medium’s plan and looking forward to the next book Life Changing Foods.   There’s a lot more to his first book than I have shared on my blog.  I recommend it!

32 thoughts on “Following the Advice of the Medical Medium’s Plan after the 28-Day Cleanse

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  2. Thank you so much for recommending this book. I am currently reading it and am blown away by the information about the many diseases with Epstein Barr virus as their root cause. I don’t know whether I will ever follow this diet plan. But this information that EBV is a root cause of some diseases is already super helpful.

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  3. Greeat blog – fortunately, if you choose, there are meats available in the book post-cleanse. And I always go out with a small bottle of my home-made dressing in my purse! Having BTDT, I can only tell you it will get better and better and better! Asparagus rules!

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    • I am ready to have some of those meats this weekend:-) I am learning to travel with my dressings, and yes…asparagus rocks! Thanks for reading my post. I’m so glad to connect with others on this path to greater health.


  4. Your the first person I’ve read about who has completed the cleanse. When I first tried the celery it made my throat itch so I stopped for fear it was antibodies. I have been using my own probiotics kefir etc and having b12 injections for sometime now and I seem to be able to eat many things that I’d had to stop, avocado being one of them. So I’ve pick Anthony off the book shelf and started to read again so many things resonate to my own position especially the microbes on fresh organic food. It’s my hope that these wee beasties will help my body to start producing b12 again!
    Thank you for your inspiring blog ♡

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    • I’m glad you are on the path to healing. I don’t have garden yet, but I would love to find a way to get fresh microbes. Maybe I need to find a farmer’s market…

      I think it is fine to combine a little bit of cucumber with the celery drink in the morning. This helps it go down a bit better. I hope you are able to find some things in that book that help you on the road to greater health. I’m not 100% better, but I’m so much better in relation to the pain I once had from Fibromyalgia. I believe there will be answers, and I hope you find them.


  5. Many thanks, I am on top of the fatigue and it is now the Fibro pain (although somewhat improved) that I need to properly kick in to touch! I will be I think starting the cleanse in earnest after our holiday to Boston…..I am so happy to have come this far as I will be able to enjoy our first visit to the US…..I just hope there are lots of juice and salad bars :)…….

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  6. Amazing results and you have done so well. I am working up to the cleanse but adopting his way of eating in the mean time. I recently travelled to the USA and my migraines got so much worse! I cannot have canola oil as it triggers migraines and it was in everything! Even humous! Eating out was challenging but a healthy us awaits. Great blog!

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  9. This is great! I start off every year with a cleanse after splurging though the holidays (yes I’m that girl!) It’s usually a great struggle, seems I don’t have even a fraction of the discipline you do!! I think I’m going to re-read this and take pointers as I’m preparing to start my yearly flush! thank you!! 🙂

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  10. starting the cleanse tomorrow, I’ve been autoimmune paleo for the better part of 12 years but it still will be tough!, I was a began before that, but in Chicago winters I’ll miss cooked food!, dehydrated is OK though? I love my dehydrated cauliflower with nutritional yeast and olive oil…it tastes like popcorn!!! A little concerned about no protein for 28 days!!!!!

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    • I’m not sure if dehydrated food is o.k., but on that last week I had a little. I needed something different. I don’t think the cleanse was a complete answer to my autoimmune illnesses, but it certainly calmed down the pain in my body. I’m still learning more and trying to figure out which combination of supplements works best. Good luck though! I know it is easier to do this in the summer than in the winter when we are used to more cooked foods. Have you thought about waiting until summer or just doing a week long cleanse in the winter?


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    • You’re welcome! I think the first couple of days of any type of cleanse seems to be the hardest.The first week was an adjustment with this one. You might focus more on the vegetables if you think the sugar from the fruit might be affecting blood sugar. I usually only had fruit in the morning and then lots of veggies the rest of the day. Maybe an apple as a snack. Avocados helped too! I felt great in the middle of the cleanse. It was a long cleanse though.


  12. Hi Trish,
    Wondering if you stuck with the MM protocol since it’s been a year? If not, what did you go back to eating? I did the cleanse this winter & felt great then slacked off this summer and I am almost worse off than I was before plus I’ve gained weight. I’m tempted to do the whole cleanse over again, but it’s kind of overwhelming the chopping and menu planning and kind of anti-social as far as friends and restaurants go. Curious how you are doing and if you made it a way of life. Did it help with the health issues you had?

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    • Terra….Thanks for checking with me. I avoid the 10 things he says to avoid religiously. Every once and a while, I have cheese in a salad when I’m out. I’ve broken the protocol twice this year while travelling, but I usually return home and have at least one day of a juice fast. I think every body is different. Probably if we could have a consultation with him we might get to the root of our issues. I do think eating a lot more salads with raw, organic veggies is a plus to any diet though. I hope you find what works for you. I know some people can’t do as much fruit as I incorporate, but it works for me. I do probably eat more protein than MM suggests. I’m not sure how much he suggests. I avoid pork and beef, of course, but I do have fish, shrimp, and organic chicken.


      • Thanks for replying! I just had a consultation with one of AW’s referred practitioners and it was very interesting what she told me. It wasn’t THAT expensive and she did recommend some specific supplements and diet to address what she thinks are the root of my painful problems (EBV, heavy metals & oddly…shingles!). I’m from Austin, too, and I know what you mean about grabbing stuff at Central Market being simple, and Austin (& TX in general) is so full of new and interesting restaurants now, it’s an adventure just going out for food. (I like Picnick and Citizen Eatery in my neighborhood.) I thought I was pretty good with my diet but I guess I will have to start reading the labels better, I didn’t know they put canola in so many things! *Sigh* I, too, will now be one of those “I’ll have the salad, hold the cheese & dressing, kind of eaters now. She did say if I wanted to that I could have meat (or low heavy metal fish) 2 x a week at dinner. I’m not having to do the fully raw thing again, thank goodness… I was good with the all out raw diet for 28 days but I knew there was an end to it, this sounds like it will become a way of life. Hopefully I’ll get this chopping and juicing thing down in time as it takes me forever to get out the door in the morning now, I wish you could just buy that celery juice, my fridge is FULL of celery! (I’m complaining now…all 3 big days of it so far!) I wonder how long it will be this way, will we heal in a year or so and can finally have a cup of coffee while in France or pay the consequences and have another flare up. We shall see, right now I’m in so much pain I’m all aboard, however, when you aren’t hurting that’s when it’s so easy to fall off that train. Good luck with your journey, I love reading your blog!


  13. Hi Trish I started his protocol a week ago and I was wondering if you were going to the bathroom #1 often, and how often? No one talks about that but I think it’s important to know some details about what your body is doing and if it’s normal. Please let me know. Hope to hear from you. Have you ever worry about the potassium intake as almost all fruits a vegies have it? I just don’t know If I’m overdoing with bananas and sweet potatoes. I’m trying to do all raw but sometimes warm meal.

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    • Honestly, I could benefit from working with a holistic doctor on a few issues. It is too bad that insurance doesn’t cover more care from holistic practitioners. I go by the motto “better is better.” I do what I can to the best of my ability. Good luck to you…. All raw is tough. I can only do it for cleanses and not as a lifestyle.


  14. Hello there, I discovered this video and wow you are amazing, I just wanted to know how are you now since posting the video? Are you still following MM?


    • Thank you so much for your encouragement. I hope you are doing well. Do you follow the protocol? I am still following MM, but I haven’t done the 90 day thyroid protocol. I plan to do that soon and know it will help more.


      • I do follow the protocol, cut out the no foods and added some supplements, we don’t get a lot of the recommended supplements in South Africa, so I make do with what’s available to me.
        I start the 90 day protocol but don’t follow through. I plan to do it as well. Detox symptoms aren’t always that great and then I feel like I am doing something wrong because I can’t tell the difference between a flare up or a detox symptom, but I will carry on, baby steps. Will do bloods in a month or 2 and see.
        Only discovered Anothy a year ago. Love and Light to you.

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