In Contests, Who Wins?


A brilliant colleague of mine said, “We had a contest between a monster and a woman, and the monster won.” Monsters often win in a contest with a woman, and they always win in a contest with a child.

Trump’s comments about sexual assault triggered many women.  According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, “one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old, and 34% of people who sexually abuse a child are family members.  96% of people who sexually abuse children are male.”  Additionally, “One in five women and one in 71 men will be raped at some point in their lives.”   Our new president-elect openly rejoiced at how he can get away with assaulting women and most likely teenage girls because of his power and status.  I’m tired of thinking about his many transgressions and hate-filled rhetoric.  I’m tired of thinking about how he jumps on SNL but doesn’t rip into his supporters who are perpetrators of hate crimes in his name.  My heart is heavy.  The real work of social change must occur because a cumulative mass of people prove that they do care about women and children’s safety.  After this election, we can clearly see several areas in deep need of healing in our society including racism, anti-antisemitism, Islamophobia, sexism, able-body-ism, etc.

Where do we start?  More than calling an individual a monster, I prefer to think of ingrained patterns of sexism and violence against women as a monstrous part of society.  Years ago, when I heard feminists say, “It almost seems like there is a war against women,” I thought they were over-reacting.  I didn’t want to believe a  statement like that, but something in my gut told me this statement contained some truth.   I know that one woman can’t fight a monster of a problem like sexism and violence against women but a group of us can.  I love the work of men like Jackson Katz who openly speak to men about the bystander approach.  We are going to need a lot of bystanders in our world, and I hope that greater numbers of men will become more aware of this issue and work as leaders to end this type of violence.  The larger the group of us, the more success we will all have in shifting problems in society.  We must keep marching into the light and into the creation of a better world.  As Doreen Virtue recently said on Instagram,

“…if earth life was perfect, there would be no need for you to be here at this time. You signed up to be a spiritual healer, and it’s time to get to work.”

We have a lot of work to do.  In particular, how do we work together to heal the pain evident in many women after this election, and how do we create a safer world?  My hope is that the more of us who come together and share our stories, especially in person, bearing witness and being present for one another, the more trauma can be released.  We must find ways to listen without judging and understand the suffering of another.  We must find ways to create spaces where men can learn to empathize and hear women’s suffering without judgement.   Most of all, we all must find ways to work to protect people from abuse and discrimination.  I would love to hear how you are working to create safer communities or hear about what you desire most for your fellow human beings.  How do we bring in the people who don’t care about the rights of women and minorities into the conversation? How do we rehabilitate their broken places?  How do we open their hearts to contain more people?

On our campus, we are creating safe spaces for conversations around particular books like The Theater of War by Brian Dorries which address PTSD.  Though PTSD is primarily associated with veterans, it is an applicable term for survivors of sexual assault. Today, an Iraqi Veteran student said that he only wanted his fellow students and professors to ask him if he was o.k.  Sometimes, he didn’t feel o.k.  His admission opened the hearts of everyone in the large crowd.  We are all in need of each other’s support.  Once we see the true struggle of others, our hearts break open with the beauty we see inside of them. We are love at our very core and essence. Let us remember this.  I hope that love is what wins beyond the realm of this political contest.  Love for the safety and well-being of everyone.  In the meantime, many of us have to grieve and go through these stages of grief over this election at our own pace.  The results of this election is proving to be a tough blow for sensitive souls.  Give us plenty of time to grieve.

Here is a beautiful piece covering Buddhist teachers responses to a Trump election.

I leave you with a beautifully written piece by Kara Post-Kennedy about America after this election.




12 thoughts on “In Contests, Who Wins?

  1. Thank you Tricia,it is confusing to me that Esther Hicks (law of attraction) say that the world is not broken and we don’t need to fix it! I tend to disagree with that and lean more towards Doreen’s observation! Maybe I just don’t ‘get it’ ?
    I do understand we are anchoring heaven on earth,we are pillars of light we are told! Strongest of the strong,otherwise we wouldn’t be here.
    I don’t know? I don’t feel strongest of the strong! Yet we are also supposed to be empathic and sensitive , I do get that,I feel everything! I had learnt to switch of those feelings, but back in 2006 I was ‘switched on’ again by frequencies in my body which eventually had me going ‘home’ in an OBE after which I was in bliss land for a year, I know asked to feel again,so I asked for it,I get that,but now ten years later I question my wisdom. Any way there are many ‘light workers’ out there bravely anchoring in light and love and I hope it will all work out,many ‘activations’ have occurred one way or the other.
    I like the latest Light Language The Federation of Light channeled through Blossom Goodchild recently and here is an extract from another channel that came just before the election……… your world will seem very topsy turvy. And to clarify a question someone asked you Blossom … No. We do not mean that literally … in that your polarities shall shift. We mean more so, within the cultural structure. Foundations that were once solid shall fall down and this is to be a pleasant reprieve, once it has been seen for what it was.
    The times ahead are to be like you have never known. In that, there shall be so much taking place … that many feel they cannot cope. Yet … would we say … at the eleventh hour … ‘other presentations’ shall come to Light that will bring a unique surgance of encouragement TO ALL.
    Events will be offered that shall allow strength to return to those who were ‘failing’ (to be of capacity in strength and understanding due to exhaustion … lack of energy recharge etc.) Not as in being a failure.
    Such happenings shall restore One’s Spirit and allow upliftment to ensue.

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    • I will check out what Esther Hicks is saying….I like what you say about how we are anchoring heaven on earth and that we are pillars of light in our world. My take is that Americans with our electoral system have chosen a very difficult path with this president. If anything, we are beginning to realize how many people here in the U.S. are racist, sexist, or believe in conspiracy theories. Using critical thinking, logical, along with basic intuition is a lot more straightforward way to pick a president than believing in convoluted conspiracy theories. I’ve heard so many strange reasons this week for why people voted for Trump. I won’t even list them all.

      Now, we who are light workers have to work triple time to start healing the racism and sexism brought to the surface. We need millions of Martin Luther Kings, millions of Gandhis, and millions of Gloria Steinems, and millions more new creative souls to remind us that all of our voices are important…all of our perspectives matter. We are all one and part of God, and to say hateful things about any group of people is to condemn yourself to be hated. Our president-elect Trump needs to apologize to Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans, and women of all races who now feel frightened by the violence that is emerging. Some of my friends and students have been victims of hate crimes this soon after his election. Our president-elect needs to bring about peace with words that do not promote violence. I’m talking about law-abiding, tax-paying, suburbanites who are being harmed by Trump’s rhetoric. How can this not remind people of horrible times in our recent history and in the history of other countries? We need an apology and a message from Trump to angry white males to “stand down” and live peaceably with everyone no matter their skin color, religion, or country of origin. I’m a combination of angry and shocked. It takes a while to go through the grieveing process. I’ll get to a greater place of peace and love….soon. I will get to a place where I can pray for his enlightenment. Thanks for your post. It does give me some comfort:-)

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      • Thank you Tricia,I have sent you my email, you brought up an interesting point about the conspiracy theories having an influence on the election,I concern myself with channels that seem to involve themselves in politics,I don’t approve them on my site,I am concerned with those who have mind control technology,blue beam and HARRP , navigating and discernment is a constant challenge for me.
        As people awaken with these increase energies they will need to be very grounded and perhaps assisted to discern,I guess I just have to have faith that their Angels will guide people to them to assist the process,may be that is why those of us who are now waking up had to go through it? I would like to think that there was a good reason and it hasn’t all been for nothing.

        In love and thanks Kerrie

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    • Doreen Virtue also said, “Remember that miracles and blessings thrive and grow in the toughest times. But faith is needed to attract miracles and blessings.

      Now is the time to pray hard, not stew in worry or anger energy. Today, please hold the image of this angel’s triumphant victory in mind. You ARE this victorious angel who soars above discord, to heal and uplift everyone around you.” I’m trying to move out of the angery stage of grieving…I probably won’t post any more until I feel calmer. Send me your email if you can privately through my contact page.

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  2. I understand how disappointed you must be; it’s hard to be believe we have someone who spouted all that hateful rhetoric could be the next president. It sometimes seems insurmountable, the amount of work that needs doing, but I like your thoughts on listening to one another without fear or judgement. That’s a good first step. I think we need to incorporate teaching children more about relationships in school: relationships with friends, adults, teachers, parents, etc. I know when I went to school the topic rarely came up, and when it did, it was only discussed on a surface level. I totally agree about PTSD being more widespread than is realized – it effects a lot of veterans but it also effects many other people who have had to live through awful experiences. I’ve seen this working in the mental health field. Healing PTSD is a challenge, but I suggest you go to a very interesting website called (if you haven’t already heard of it). It was started by former news correspondent (Amber Lyon) who covered the news in too many war zones and had some pretty horrific experiences of her own; It’s no surprise she started suffering from PTSD. You can read about her story on the website along with many other personal stories of healing. A few last thoughts that I found some comfort in after this election: The actual majority of those that voted did not vote our president elect into office – he won by the electoral college but not the popular vote. Secondly, it might seem that nearly 50% of the US population wanted our president elect in office and therefore 50% of the US population was ok with racism, homophobia, xenohpobia, and sexism – but this is not true.

    The early data found that of the U.S. population:

    46.6% didn’t vote

    25.6% voted for Hillary Clinton

    25.5% voted for Donald Trump

    1.7% voted for Gary Johnson

    In reality, only 1/4 of the US population actually cast a vote for racism, homophobia, xenohpobia, and sexism – still too many, but it made me feel better to realize that these people were really in the minority.

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    • Thanks for your response. I am not in as much shock as I was that first week after the election. I had to process the fear of so many of my students and remind them of the basics—report all acts of violence, avoid confrontation, use the buddy system, react to others with love and teach them how to think differently….take a self-defense course to stay safe. I hope to make a post soon about the need for a movement to bring more peace and enlightenment to the president-elect. No one is so far gone that they can’t be reached to some degree by prayer and goodness. That is my hope….


      • Ask Teal said that we had two shadows running as that is what is happening now as we go through this shift,these people were representative of the whole world not just USA,the people choose the person who is the most transparent,the most obvious as opposed to the one with the hidden agendas, people want transparency,it has to all be brought out into the open and it will,it will all fall apart and like the Phoenix rise from the ashes it will rise, consciousness has to shift,there is no choice! Hold onto your hats it’s going to be a ride,it has been for me since 2006.

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      • Matt Kahn says a similar thing as Teal, but I don’t fully agree with Matt or Teal. First all, only 25% of the people eligible to vote voted, and Clinton did win the majority vote. Our electoral system caused another win despite what the majority of people voting hoped for as an outcome. More people wanted her as president, and not because she was less transparent. They realized that she told fewer lies than Trump, that she paid taxes, etc. In the debates, Clinton told 13 lies and Trump told over 100 lies. His supporters didn’t care about his lies. They turned away from facts. I would say that he was the least transparent. He didn’t even release his taxes. I think those who are racist (and don’t realize it or claim not to be) are now more obvious and transparent in society because of some of Trump’s racists statements. They are emboldened to say more racists things. Also, Trump has appointed Steve Bannon, a reprehensible human being, who is at best a mouthpiece for white supremacists as Chief Strategist. Racism is indeed transparent and a couple of doors down from the president. I can’t help being a bit upset with Matt, Teal, and others who keep saying this will be a good thing in the end. Would someone say that to Nazi Germany? I think spiritual leaders need to be a little bit more transparent about where they stand on their particular votes and why. Maybe Matt and Teal didn’t even vote, and why are we listening to them talk about an election if they didn’t vote. lol

        We are all human. We make choices based on the best information we have at the time. To me, it sounds like Matt and Teal are trying to appeal to the biggest possible audiences with the statement “they are both flawed…” or “both of the shadows.” I still say Trump is reprehensible and Clinton is long-time female politician who has made the same mistakes as many, many male politicians. She, however, was crucified by her mistakes. The FBI played a huge role in Trump’s election as well. Thanks for trying to give me that positive message….I’m still filled with some ire. I do want to get to a place where I can believe that enlightenment can happen for Trump. I want to get to a place where I can pray for his consciousness to expand and better understand how we are all connected and each deserve respect. If this is not possible, then I do want to pray for all of us who must work very hard to hold on to our hats and keep working:-)


      • I hear you Tricia,as you know,I am confused too with many things to do with Spirit! As my Spirit Guide White Cloud said to me via a channel ‘it’s been a long haul’ and this is so,I challenge my guides a lot! That’s alright they have that unconditional love thing going,but I think my ride is a bumpy one,probably more bumpy then it has to be,but my truth is important to me and if I have to experience what isn’t to truly know what is then so be it! Love Kerrie

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