Two Corinthians Walk Into A Bar


I’ve felt uninspired this week to create new content for my blog, mainly because I’ve felt more like reading.  There is a time to speak and a time to listen.

A few weeks ago, Marianne Williamson said, “If this is the religious right, we need a religious left” in response to the religious right’s lack of morality.  Growing up in the Bible belt, surrounded by the religious right, I’ve always thought that we need stronger voices from the left as spiritual teachers because a lot of compassion, tolerance, love, and beauty is missing from the political and religious right.

I admire spiritual teachers who come from a place of great love for all people, no matter their beliefs, and try to unite us all through love.  Love does awaken great compassion for all beings.

Though I aim for that ideal, I’m also an English professor who analyzes language, and I cannot find love in the rhetoric of the current administration or in the religious right for anyone except for fetuses.   

The God-consciousness I experienced during my near-death experience included everyone.  This God consciousness showed me a greater love, acceptance, and compassion than my human brain could comprehend.  I couldn’t bottle that astronomically powerful love force of God and take it back with me, but I remember what it was like to be in the presence of an all-knowing, all-loving God.

I can share what it is and what it isn’t.  God-consciousness was instantly enlightening, and it is my belief that the division between all people can be instantly dissolved in that light.

How do we get there though?  It is easy and instant on the other side.  It takes a lot more time here, and sometimes it isn’t achieved in one life-time.   Perhaps all we can do is work to enlighten the minds of those we encounter.

The God consciousness that awoke inside of me at a very young age taught me to care about the children in other countries, to care about the poor children in my own country, and to look deeply into the struggles of those who face racism, sexism, and homophobia and work to create a safer world for all people.

This work is hard.  This isn’t “snowflake” work because what a person does when he or she stands up to a bully or someone deeply established in patterns of hate and ridicule is the most difficult work on the planet.  To be a loving person capable of transforming the hate of the world makes you a superstar in the moments of your life when you succeed.  John Pavlovitz says this perfectly.

During my near-death experience, God didn’t say bulldoze sacred lands and pollute all water ways.  Instead, God said, “Go to nature for wisdom, for healing, for energy, and release of your worries.  Treat nature as sacred.”

During my near-death experience, God informed me that I needed to turn on the light of knowledge in others through education.  I’ve always believed that enough facts and logic can change the minds of people.  Logic is part of the light as much as love is part of the light.

It is logical to care about all people, and I am tired of defending people. Love doesn’t need a defense.  Love simply is and accepts everyone where they are and tries to lift them up to a better place.  Through the eyes of love, we see that all human beings suffer, and we want to lighten that suffering for all beings. We shouldn’t have to first see their suffering to wish for their healing.  We shouldn’t have to first see their pain to wish for their joy.

In many ways, creating a more loving world is tough work, but love calls us to rise above our own wounds, educate others, and protect ourselves and others.   And through it all, we should love our own brave hearts more not less.  Whatever the life journey takes out of us, we love ourselves more when we choose to be on the side of love.

That said, shock value has its place.  It wakes us up from a sleepy day, energizes our system, and often makes us chuckle.

This is a time for belief systems to be shaken up, not stirred.

Two Corinthians walk into a bar and grab women in inappropriate, illegal ways. They get away with it because they are rich and powerful.  When told that they are wrong, they scream, “An Eye for an Eye.” (The Newly Revised Trump Standard Version of the Bible.) Later, they swear on a book they’ve never read and go out and destroy the earth for the almighty dollar.

Some spiritual teachers will disagree with me and not want to alienate anyone or make anyone wrong, but I am an educator first, and a woman with a spiritual message secondly.  The angels I encountered during my near-death experience were intelligent beings, and they did not traffic in lies and misinformation.  What they knew was clear, sound, healing, and solid.  It doesn’t take a master’s degree to intuit that our president does not speak based on solid, intelligent facts and traffics in hate.  I do not defend hate.  I shed light on it.

I said what I needed to say in an earlier post, and I have nothing more to say today.  I’ll let John Pavlovitz say it for me.

Sexism and the belief that women are inferior is fully exposed from the religious right’s point of view now.  Hopefully, the majority of Americans, no matter their vote, will not be silent in the face of hatred.

Fear is a lousy religion. 

I wish you were really pro-life.

We are not sore losers.

We have our reasons. 

This  is why we grieve.

And, most of all, when did compassion become partisan politics?

And, if you like TED Talks, this one is interesting about how the political division is growing and how it could heal.


7 thoughts on “Two Corinthians Walk Into A Bar

  1. Love it, perfect article that’s much needed right now, but you’ll see below your slight omission of the word “not”:

    It doesn’t take a master’s degree to intuit that our president does speak based on solid, intelligent facts and traffics in hate. I do not defend hate. I shed

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  2. Hello, Tricia.

    I feel blessed in having read your post this morning after a particularly difficult few days. I think it holds a lot of answers to a personal vision in a meditation I experienced this morning.

    Early this morning, I sent out a mass email as I do not yet have my own blog (mostly because I am extremely afraid of the energetic backlash of what I write). As I suspected, some replies agreed, some disagreed, some were decent, some, not so decent. Some tried to convert me to their way of thinking, some didn’t understand why I threw everyone in the mix together, etc. I was initially going to defend myself and my statements, but I knew too how exhausting defending can become. I also had the realization that we are all like tiny universes bumping up against one another. We’ve been so conditioned in our culture to make nice, be sweet, get along with as many as you can, don’t rock the boat, etc. and so on and so forth.

    When I deeply realized I have been motivated by a Tribe Mentality most of my life, and against the wishes of my Soul, I immediately went into a vision, part of which was mentioned in my mass email. In the vision, Jesus took a sword and drew a line in the sand. He asked me, “Which side do you choose? The Left or the Right?”. I knew it wasn’t a trick question and I also knew it wasn’t a question for everyone (as everyone has their own special calling in the Earth Realm and, hence, different questions to answer). I looked at Him, I looked at both Sides. I both loved and sometimes hated BOTH SIDES. He knew it and He knew why. I told Him, “I love them both and at times hate them both.”. He just smiled. I then told Him, “I cannot walk the Middle Path. It is not what my Soul came into this world to do.”. He smiled some more. He didn’t agree or disagree with me. I told Him, “I must walk away from the sides and the middle. I must walk my own path. I am no longer part of the tribe. I am not saying, Jesus, that I am any less or more than others. I am saying that I must be who I am. If I am wrong, if I have been deemed BY YOU ALONE and NOT THE WORLD to have made the wrong choice, then I am sorry.”. Immediately after this I broke down crying, but the “vision” continued. I fell to my knees before Him, not in worship, but in utter sadness and grief. I had told Him how from the time I was a child that I had wanted the WHOLE WIDE WORLD to get along. He reminded me of the sword. He did not judge me. He just held me. In in that moment, I had truly deeply realized that my life was now going in a different direction.

    Where that direction will lead, I will find out along the way. I will just try to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be and do my best to love God and my neighbor as myself in whatever way I am led AND/OR CHOOSE. I’ve quite a bit of Shadow Stuff, so being the best version of myself won’t be easy. But I’ve also quite a bit of Light, so that should balance things out.


    Resigned from the Tribe

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    • Dawn….Thanks for your email and post. I love reading the posts of my spiritual friends who are anchoring love for all no matter which “side” people are on. I am striving to be that force of love, and I can do it without reservation in the classroom. I love all of my students, and my goal is only to make them better writers, critical thinkers, and in touch with their creativity. I want college to be a place of enlightenment for them no matter their journey. However, my reaction to current events and politics is often one of anger and dismay, but all I can do is keep being the opposite of what I am seeing. Your reaction is an interesting , valid one. The world needs more people with new perspectives. I do understand wanting the whole wide world to get along. I feel the same way. I loved the movie “Arrival” for that reason…it took aliens for all countries to stop posturing and for humanity to come together for a moment.

      As far as politics goes, I found John Pavlovitz’s blog and he resonated with me. Honestly, I could turn my brain off and just say, “What he said….” I think the way he writes. Though I belong in the resistance and that tribe, I also want ALL people to heal. That is my biggest concern….We will have a better world with more emotionally balanced and healed people…. Back to your vision and journey…there is nothing wrong with choosing a new direction. Maybe many of us will learn from you. I haven’t written about this, but when I tuned into the angels and guides on election night, all I heard was laughter on the other side. I also heard chanting from the Native American ancestors. That issue is a vital one. As far as other issues go, I’m guilty of taking this all too seriously when there is nothing I can do about the fact that the president lies about Sweden for example. I will resist and fight what is exactly before me. When I witness an act of prejudice, I will confront it. When I have the opportunity to write to my representatives and senators, I will take it. I am involved locally, and I don’t have the life energy for much more. My world though is filled with beautiful students, an amazing dog, great food, and much love. I don’t want to turn a blind eye to the world, but I am learning balance as to what I can handle and what I can’t. Maybe I won’t talk about politics on this blog….It’s hard for me to not do that though…. You have a unique and interesting story to tell, and I bet it will continue to be an interesting story. If the country comes undone in a revolution of sorts, your perspective might be one of the saner ones. There is always a bigger picture to consider beyond a struggle. It makes sense that Jesus would offer only compassion to you. I do know that most people are trying their best despite the odds, pain, and sorrows of their particular lives. Do you think Jesus was referring to politics by saying the right and the left? I’d like to hear more about what you thought he was saying to you. Thanks for your comment…


  3. Great post! The right has definitely exposed what they really stand for, and it worries me a lot. I like what you say about needing a “left” in religion and spirituality. From what I’ve seen, there is a liberal voice in some of the Christian religions. The Episcopal faith lets women be priests and bishops, openly embraces those who are homosexual, and last I heard, was even finalizing a rite for same sex marriages, but the liberal Christian religions are actually losing members at an alarming rate. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but I find it troubling that the more liberal Christian groups can’t seem to attract more members.

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    • A friend of mine just posted about walking her own path. Perhaps the more liberal Christians find tribes of like-minded friends and meditate and anchor love in a variety of ways. It makes sense that the more conservative Christians would organize. That is the entire political problem…they are trying to push their agenda on the rest of us instead of living with greater compassion and tolerance for all beings. (They obviously didn’t study Buddhism. lol) Though I feel perfectly at ease in liberal Christian churches, I’m also at ease in any spiritual gathering as long as love is present. Even before the NDE, I was the type of person who would go to synagogue with Jewish friend and enjoy the message. Though I eventually became agnostic right before the NDE, I still loved beautiful messages…I’m a literature major after all. I could say that I’m an omnist in that I do recognize and respect all religions, but as the Dali Lama said, it is easier for us to practice the religion most common in our area. I am happy to examine the words of Christ, but I love the words of Buddha too. Those in the religious right probably will never understand the way I think or worship, but I know for certain on the other side that a prayer made from duty or pride does not “feel” the same as one made from a place of love. The energy of the prayer has something to do with its power. I’m not even sure that prayer influences outcomes though. I was simply aware of the prayers that felt more loving and that loving energy was more like the loving energy of God. Maybe we should all pray with a bit more love for this world. I know I’m speaking to the choir when writing posts like this, but I like the choir. I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for reading…


  4. Tricia, I’ve read both your replies. I SO VERY MUCH resonate with all that you share. I must say that I haven’t come across such way of thinking and believing in my neck of the woods except for a handful of people so far. I ws beginning to think I was weird or wrong or not in touch with reality.

    I want to respond more, but I’m actually emotionally wiped out given the responses to my mass emailing. I will respond though…soon. I just need to go into the solitude today…and make sure my Shadow SIde isn’t the one in charge, LOL.


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