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Good energy workers are valuable and can facilitate tremendous emotional and physical healing in people; however, there is not a ranking system for analyzing their abilities, expertise, and beauty.   Though I am broaching this subject with lightness, I do think the world could benefit from energy connoisseurs.  Much like sommeliers who have an extensive knowledge and understanding of wine and make recommendations based on budgets and personal tastes, energy connoisseurs could offer suggestions to consumers.

I would sign up for that job.  I would love to travel around the world to visit energy workers and review the experiences with an interested audience.  I can imagine suggesting good pairings and coining new, descriptive terms.  Many years ago, I giggled when I heard wine described as “leathery” because terminology like that fascinates me.  I could imagine saying, “Her energy work is luxurious, munificent, and salubrious,” His work pulls in the multi-layered knowledge and love of the universe in colorful waves,” or “Her work is effulgent and effervescent with a slight twinge of giddiness.”

To paraphrase a friend of mine, the most effective healers know that they have a team of angelic entities working with them and have access to all knowledge for what is needed in certain situations.  Being an effective healer means reaching for humbleness and becoming one with the energy instead of claiming it as their own and taking credit for healings.  In other words, being a clear channel of healing energy/love/knowledge from God is the most important factor in any healing session.

Energy Connoisseur:  I was born sensitive to energy, but my near-death experience has made me extremely aware of the subtleties and nuances of energy work and energy blessings.  I have been amazed by certain people’s skills and highly disappointed, even disgusted in a couple of instances.  Though my experience might differ from another’s experience, the intent to categorize the skill levels of energy workers would mainly be done to help people.  Wines have a ranking system, so why not rank energy?

50-59 (Flawed) There are energy healers who have reached a level of fame who have lost their gifts along the way.  Although some energy workers are like a good wine and improve with age, not all of them do.  I am not going to call anyone out in this post, but I can say with certainty that I have worked with someone who may have been a miraculous healer and one point in his life but has little to no energy behind his expensive work now; he did not even have a kind demeanor.  There are also those with much intellectual knowledge about spiritual practices but have negative or manipulative identities.

60-79 (Flawed but Might be Used on Occasion) There are those working as healers who work with an open heart and basic common sense, but they are not utilizing much actual spiritual energy.  Additionally, some energy workers who do work with spiritual energy might be compromised because they are not skilled at setting aside their egos and operating from a pure divine flow of universal light and God-consciousness for clients.

80-84 (Above Average to Good) There are healers with only a few years into their various practices of Matrix Energetics, Pranaic Healing, EFT, Reiki, TheataHealing, Tong Ren Therapy, Emotion Code, or Qi Gong who enter the practice with passion and commitment.  They might do very good work, but they may not receive any recognition beyond their community and could benefit from a bit of publicity.

85-90 (Good to Very Good) There are healers who are life-long learners and connoisseurs themselves.  These healers combine passion, knowledge, skill, and expertise.  They are focused on their client’s needs and highly intuitive as well as in touch with healing, spiritual energy.  These skilled energy workers would also benefit from greater publicity.

90-94 (Superior to Excellent) You might not be able to schedule an appointment easily with superior to excellent energy workers because word of mouth can spread quickly.  That said, I would love to offer a perspective on those who have skills, which might benefit certain clients.  A high price does not always mean a highly-gifted energy worker, just as a high-priced wine does not always equate with the best wine for a particular dinner. However, in some cases, it might be worth waiting for someone with the skills that match specific needs.

95-100 (Benchmark and Classics) Some energy workers and blessing givers have reached a level of fame that draws large crowds.  Amma, sometimes called the hugging saint, transmits love to people and individualizes her energy to match what is needed from the person she hugs.  Additionally, she gives an energy which facilitates enlightenment.  I’m not saying that one hug from Amma grants complete enlightenment; rather, the energy that she transfers allows for the receiver to disconnect with his or her individual self to feel the bliss of unconditional love and connection to others.   This might be for a split second, the length of the hug, or for hours/days afterwards.

For several minutes after receiving a hug from Amma, I felt my soul connect briefly to millions of other people across the globe, possibly the other people who have received a hug from Amma.   I didn’t feel any type of healing energy, but I did feel an energy of connection to others in a profound way.  Disconnecting from the self through meditation is healing, and receiving this gift from Amma is in itself healing.

I don’t want to get into controversies or the background of any energy worker.  I’m not the type of person who is in danger of becoming a “devotee” of anyone.  I simply like to experience various energy experiences, and I’m open-minded.  I’ve been blessed to meet and experience many others besides Amma, and I hope to write more about these experiences in future posts.

A modality like Nucca Chiropractics is highly healing and is also backed by scientific principles.  Some practitioners seem to work on an energetic level as well.  Psych K and Emotion Code make great sense to me based on psychological principles.  For those who are skeptical of energy work without a specific modality connected to this work, you might want to research all the many different types of modalities categorized under integrative medicine.

Lighthearted, Energy Givers: You don’t have to be a professional energy giver to give beautiful energy to this world. I love positive, uplifting people, and I enjoy being one of those types of people whenever possible.  Happy energy givers live our days with an intention to make others feel more peaceful and lighthearted.  Energy never lies and can’t be faked though.  To quote my friend again, “…it carries a specific code and resonance which is decipherable through awareness.”

You can fulfill a mission to be an energy giver with serious intentions or just through being you.  You can give others honest compliments, silly jokes, and the occasional singing or dancing at appropriate and inappropriate times.  Some silly, dancing energy givers like Matt from “Where the Hell is Matt” have made quite a big splash on YouTube.  Happy people make us happier.  In many ways, finding your bliss allows others to find theirs too.

Whatever the case, I wish you all much bliss and happiness.  Be your wild and funny selves, and don’t fear the energy.  Just drink it up and pass the good stuff on with honest, kind reviews of your experiences.

12 thoughts on “Energy Connoisseur & Energy Giver

  1. This is really great! What a wonderful idea and as the earth continues to shift and more and more people awaken there are also more and more people taking advantage of those newly embarking on their paths! You are like a protector of sorts! I def sense a need for this in the near future I can’t wait to read and hear more 🙂 you’ll be a revolutionary 💜

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    • Glad you enjoyed it! I do think narcissists/egoists can take advantage of people in all types of venues–churches, spiritual gatherings, etc. I have met people who have read a lot of books and attended a lot of workshops, but they honestly have very negative energy themselves. I wouldn’t want someone new on a spiritual path to get an energy session with someone like that and think that all energy work is b.s. It isn’t….you just have to find the energy worker who can set aside his/her ego and know that healing comes from the divine and from that person’s highest self. Thanks for reading and commenting:-)


    • Thanks so much! I was afraid it might not come across as compassionate. I only want people to know that if they work with one healer and don’t receive benefits, they might find another healer who can help them greatly. I’m sure healers wouldn’t like to be critiqued like wine, but I imagined these types of of critiques as more of a loving review or a review about what is helpful using one technique or another. I’m also a fan of energy work and like to figure out the subtleties, so it would simply be fun for me to try out different energy workers.

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      • You definitely didn’t lack compassion in your article.

        In fact (in my opinion) it was your compassion and love for people, that urged you to write it.

        Your advice advocates finding a harmonious relationship with an energy worker that works for you, as opposed to enduring a non productive one. Energy workers (no matter how good) can never really be a “one size fits all” for people.

        You are right to be advocating that people experiment and try different workers in order to find one that works effectively for them. Loved the article, outstanding!

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  2. I had time to read several posts tonight. The level of spiritual awareness, including mindfulness on the topics, is very enriching. The common overwhelming theme to all your posts is, Love. Very insightful. Love is the heritage to all. Very well done, Tricia.

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    • Thank you so much, Daniel. I hope you continue to share your beautiful gifts of healing with many others. Love is what made the afterlife so amazing, and when it is a part of healing practices, people can make important shifts in their lives.


  3. I loved this post so much! Very timely for me, as I have been very interested in energy healing. I didn’t think your post lacked compassion at all; It’s so important for people to be discerning when looking for a good healer, and I think your post will help people to find the right healer for them.


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  5. Wow Tricia, I’m a newcomer to this whole concept but have been aware of something like this going on for a while. I really am beginning to see the idea of “energy giver” and am looking forward to learning more about this from you.
    Thanks for inspiration , Tricia!
    Regards. Marie.

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