Workshop: Opening to Your Intuition With Daniel and Sylvie Giroux (September 30 and October 7, 2018)


Update on 1/19/19:  My memoir, Angels in the OR: What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival, and Transformation, can be pre-ordered now. It is a #1 new release in several categories.  I would love it if you helped me make near-death experiences more mainstream.

Opening to Your Intuition with Daniel and Sylvie Giroux 3-hour interactive workshop held in Zoom) Limited to 10 participants. September 30th and October 7th from 3-4:30 p.m. CDT $49.99.

Most people believe intuition is an ability they need to reach or invite into themselves. But in reality, intuition is a skill we already own. It is an innate ability which we use constantly without being aware, or having full awareness of the skill, or even the proper definition to illustrate to ourselves how easy and commonplace this already works inside of us. Intuition is a language. For the most part we are adept at conversation with people, and we already understand the subtle clues within words and sentences of speech. Plus, we pay attention to bodily clues, voice intonation, voice volume, etc. Learning the language of intuition is the same principle, we must learn to pay attention to clues and also learn the language. Intuition employs every aspect of the human experience. Especially what we see, hear, know, and feel. One thing which spirituality brings to us all, is we go on a journey of what is happening inside of who we are. Intuition is never wrong, where we encounter difficulties is interpretation, and this requires a lot of practice. The information you receive is always valid and serves a purpose. Through a series of exercises, coaching, and guidance along the way, we will put you in touch with your very own intuitive self.

Daniel and Sylvie Giroux are energy workers who also offer spiritual guidance and intuition training. Daniel had an NDE in 1994 and is now devoting his life to spirituality. Sylvie worked in the mental health field before embarking on her spiritual calling and is also now trained in holistic nutrition. The couple is in the process of establishing and opening the Rosewood Wellness Center where individuals can come and experience unconditional love.

Opening to Your Intuition


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