Interview With Carolyn Clapper, The Next World Medium

I really enjoyed interviewing The Next World Medium, Carolyn Clapper, in this latest interview.  She talks about some of her experiences after her near-death experience which opened up her abilities as a medical medium, evidential medium, and psychic.  Currently, she works to find missing persons and works with doctors on occasion.  Be sure to check out some of the amazing testimonials on her website.

My memoir, Angels in the OR: What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival, and Transformationis available for pre-order.  It is a #1 new release in several categories.  I would love your support of a pre-order.  My aim is to help make near-death experiences more mainstream.

2 thoughts on “Interview With Carolyn Clapper, The Next World Medium

  1. Hi, Tricia,

    I just watched your interview with Carolyn Clapper. So encouraging that spirit is working through you to bring us awareness of such a gifted individual. Thank you! You are doing great work and I follow what you are doing. NDEs are fascinating and exciting, especially because of the messages of love that come through. I appreciate you, dear soul!

    Sam Duletsky
    Coolidge, AZ

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  2. I honestly have no desire to hear from my dearly departed friends and relatives on the other side, but I would go see Carolyn in a minute, just because she seems like such a fun person to hang out with!


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