Tricia Barker’s Replay Link From The Doctor Oz Show on 2/15/19


Hi Everyone,

If you would like to hear my full near-death experience story, please check out the first video I made on my YouTube channel.  Also, I am so happy to let you know that the pre-order link for my book Angels in the OR:  What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival, and Transformation is available.  You can purchase the book in e-book versions and paperback versions.

If you would like to see the episode from The Dr. Oz Show.  Here is that link.  This is the blurb that The Dr. Oz Show wrote about the episode.   “Survivor Trisha opens up about her out-of-body experience after a near-fatal car accident, and reveals she encountered angels and God. Then, she shares the lesson she learned after seeing her life played back to her.”

The show covered a shortened version of my story, but I am grateful that many major outlets are covering near-death experiences more frequently. I know that people need reminders of the unconditional love of God.  These stories work to strengthen other’s faith.

I hope you might also check out some of the interviews on my YouTube channel.  I have interviewed over thirty other near-death experiencers and had a great time doing this.

many blessings,

Tricia Barker


5 thoughts on “Tricia Barker’s Replay Link From The Doctor Oz Show on 2/15/19

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences Tricia. There are many of us that did not have exactly a NDE by dying but had transformative experiences nonetheless. In my case, I had an Angel come into my Jeep in 2001 while I am driving home at 60mph at noon on a Friday. The Angel was male and shouted out from my passenger seat…”Slow to 35!”. It was so powerful I did just that and suddenly a car with young men pulled in front of me and caused a terrible two car accident. When the CHP officer came, I told him of my story and he said “Sir, you would most assuredly be dead at 60…I see it all the time!” So I did not have a NDE or perhaps I would have if I died. Who knows but clearly the event was hugely life changing.
    Then in 2005 that Angel came into our bedroom at 130am and woke us by lifting the bed a foot in the air and dropping it several times over 20 seconds. After a period of talking about this, I had my first vision. The vision was of Archangel Michael on his horse with Sword. It was so powerful and beautiful.
    Since that time, Archangel Michael and I converse daily. He has directed us to travel across the world to fulfill many assignments that He has given us. We have published four books…our latest is The Magic of Finding Love and Peace which documents our spiritual evolution over the last 17 years. Caroline my wife, and I have been married 52 years.
    I cannot begin to detail for you all the changes that have occurred in or lives. Unbelievable things! I was directed to paint, I connect with Clouds like you have never seen. I can connect with my dead Dad and Mom to name a few. But all due to this connection with AA Michael. If you would like to talk, I would be happy to share and also to send you our latest book at no cost. You can connect with me with email at
    or check me out at When Angels Touch Facebook. Our website is and my phone is 916-768-9334.

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    • I would love to talk with you about Arch Angel Michael and other topics. Thanks for your story and offer. I’ll contact you when things calm down a little in my schedule. I bet your paintings are beautiful….


  2. Hi Tricia,
    I am a bit confused because there are only two segments available on that link, followed by a segment about “dirty jeans.” Am I missing a segment or two? Either way, your appearance on Dr. Oz as well as that of Anna Raimondi, were wonderful. The description of your NDE was so impactful in such a relatively short amount of time that I believe most viewers would have been utterly entranced. I know that I was, and I’ve heard it before!
    Thanks again for your good work and divine message.
    Warm Regards,
    Charlotte Ritchie

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  3. At least we get the fringe benefit of learning how often we should wash our jeans….. ;). (OK, for the record, I would DEFINITELY prefer gaining further insight into divine aspects of life!!).

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