Angels in the OR Launched Yesterday!


Hey Everyone!

Thanks so much for making my launch day fun by letting me know that you stayed up late reading  Angels in the OR or listening to the book on Audible.

I mean it when I say that my favorite part of this journey is connecting with you and hearing about your lives, your spiritual experiences, and your hopes for a more loving world.  I’ve interviewed many near-death experiencers the past couple of years, and I keep thinking about how Howard Storm was told by Jesus that love could spread across this planet in small moments with each other.  You simply love the person you are interacting with at any given moment. Love is the force that changes this world for the better.

I can’t wait to hear from more of you! Have a beautiful week, and if you happen to live in Sedona or near Sedona I would love to see you at my event on Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 4 p.m. the Unity of Sedona.




Angels in the OR Launches on April 16, 2019!

book over river.jpeg

Thank you everyone for your support on my journey.  I have several more interviews with near-death experiencers available on my YouTube Channel.

Also, Angels in the OR, which covers the story of my near-death experience and life after that moment, will launch on April 16, 2019— 25 years after that massive car accident I experienced in Austin, Texas during my senior year of college.  The near-death experience during spinal surgery at Brackenridge Hospital altered my life forever,  and I have never lost the memory of the light or the vast, unconditional love from the other side.  I have never forgotten the insights communicated to me.

The river that I saw during my near-death experience was strikingly similar to the river that flows outside of TCC’s beautiful Trinity River Campus, and I have spent the last ten years teaching English and Creative Writing here.  I’ve loved this job and all the wonderful students, staff, and faculty members that I have met over the years.  Many of our building’s beautiful classrooms and balconies overlook the Trinity River.

Last week, I shared some advance copies with people on our campus, and I can’t wait to hear your feedback on the book.  It is almost every English major’s dream to have a published book in print.  I have loved books since I learned to read the year before Kindergarten, and part of the reason I worked to accomplish this goal was to inspire my students to believe that they can achieve their dreams.

I hope you will pre-order  Angels in the OR  or purchase it on April 16th when it launches.  I am enjoying the feedback I’ve already received and can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

The Way of Peace


When fear crops up in our consciousness, it is a reminder to work towards manifesting the opposite of this fear.  When we fear terrorism, we should work harder towards creating a world with more peace, a world with more resources and opportunities for all people.  When we fear losing our abundance, we should work harder towards making sure that those who have already lost everything can rebuild their lives and live fulfilling lives.  In helping others, we help ourselves.  In condemning others, we condemn ourselves.

This earth is all of ours, shared by each of us.  Polluting it for one family’s benefit, while poisoning everyone downstream with cancer causing substances is not acceptable.

What we cannot afford to do is make decisions that are leading us away from the collective recognition of the possibility of world peace.  Inflated egos do not create peace.

My Background Growing Up in East Texas:  As a child I was intuitively and deeply connected to children around the globe, partially due to a series of profound dreams that often left me disoriented and feeling unwell in the morning.  These conscious stretching dreams made me very different from all the family members around me and different from my culture.  I was never impressed by hate for other cultures and countries.

As a child and as an adult, I’ve worked to understand how others think and worked to bridge gaps in my understanding and the understanding of others to create peaceful, diverse classroom environments.  Coming from a heart-centered place allows others to relax and preform better in school. This theory can work for larger environments as well.

These profound dreams I had in childhood helped me see that I would be part of an awakening consciousness on earth brought here to help transform the world to a more peaceful, enlightened state.  I am one of many, many people who know that love is all that matters, and I am here to tell you that division, anger, blame, and hateful rhetoric is not the way to a peaceful life .  That way will not produce the type experience or movie that makes a crowd tear up with the beauty of the human spirit and the amazing ways we all have to help one another.

I speak from a place of openness and heart centered consciousness.  I want the best possible life for all living beings in this country and around the world.