Creativity and Future Visions

The Fifth Sacred Thing by Jessica Perlstein

Creativity flourishes when we are rested, aligned with nature, and have our basic needs provided. And, when we are supported beyond our basic needs, creativity skyrockets. However, many of my community college students are struggling to provide for their basic needs, and they also report varying levels of anxiety and depression. Some students think about the possibility of a school shooting every single day. Some students have recently had their personal safety threatened and are dealing with the aftereffects of trauma.

I frequently refer students to counseling and remind them about the support services offered on our campus. And, in my classroom, I work hard to create safe communities where every student is welcome to learn, share, grow, change, and heal. After decades of working in education, I know that every single person is healing from something and is deserving of kindness. My hope and the hope of most educators and administrators is to witness our students becoming more empowered, resilient, motivated, informed, and emotionally intelligent because of their studies at community college.

None of us can deny that the information age is overwhelming us with a deluge of negative predictions. It is challenging to dream and focus on the positive when another mass shooting happens down the road. I know my students will naturally feel more discouraged and anxious because of realities in our world.

To create balance, it is important for students (and all of us) to imagine what we want to create in the future and what it would realistically take to create this future.

Through research, my students found that time in nature has numerous benefits including “..improved attention, lower stress, better mood, reduced risk of psychiatric disorders and even upticks in empathy and cooperation.” Beyond this, students began to question their diets, their consumption, and examine ways they might be able to influence city planners and government officials.

My focus on climate resilient awareness for environmental sustainability in English 1301 was not to add to student’s anxiety levels, but to help them understand that when old patterns are broken, new, beautiful worlds can emerge. Afterall, one of the messages from my near-death experience commanded me to, “Remind them to go to nature.”

Sarah Nicol (who developed the company G.I.V.E. 4R FUTURE which includes customizable-hybrid-supplemental-agile units for instructors) inspired me to add this new focus on environmental sustainability to my class. Sarah and I agree that our world needs big thinkers with creative ideas and the knowledge to implement these ideas.

For one of their first essays, I asked my students to imagine sustainable, happy futures and imagine how they had contributed successfully to these changes.

The students wrote about cities they knew well 30 to 50 years in the future. I was entertained and encouraged by their creations. Here are a few examples–

Electric Cars and Clean Air in Crowley, 2055

Alex P. writes, “In the year 2055 all you see on the roads are electric vehicles. I even have one, and I remember the joy I experienced when I first bought the fastest electric car on the market. Funny enough, she was called the 817 Lightning, and I named her Flash. Loved driving her around, knowing the only thing she was doing was getting the kids excited about having a Lightning one day.

Once a small town, Crowley is now the leader in innovation of green powered technology. Imagine this, you wake up, you hear the beautiful birds singing, wind rustling through the trees, kids using vines to swing as if they are spiderman. It is a beautiful pollution-free day, and you whir up your electric vehicle and ride through the beautiful new city that once was just a small grey town.

How did I contribute to all these changes? Well, I had a little tool called imagination, and that is how every single invention has been made. You keep working until your ideas become a reality…”

Earth Day in New Fort Worth, 2073

Jessica G. writes, “Every Earth Day we celebrate by planting more in our neighborhood gardens, spreading wildflower seeds on all the paths, and planting more fruit-barring trees in different parts of the city. These lessons will carry through generations. We cannot afford to revert to old ways and give up our only planet for cheap deliveries and convenience. The weather of all countries has returned to pre-industrial revolution states, and we love seeing the stars at night. Humans are meant to dream and be in touch with the inspiration that comes from our beautiful earth.”

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New Seattle, 2080

Bryan F. writes, “After the volcanic explosion, New Seattle emerged as the cleanest city in the nation with the only pollution being from general waste of the people living there. New Seattle became so self-sustainable that Washington State no longer had a need to import or export goods. Seeing the success of New Seattle, many people called out to the entire nation to invoke change in all the cities, not just New Seattle. The idea that the entire world could work together and clean up our amazing planet took people by storm. The push swept across the entire world changing our way of life. Being a part of this change might be one of most heroic things I’ve done.”

Fast Fashion and Teleportation in Kyiv, 2093

Shakayla H. writes, “Additionally, what was shocking to me was Kyiv’s system of on-a-go clothing development. Around each of the subway stations, vending machines offered customers personalized, eco-friendly garments on the go. You insert five dollars, and take a stand near the scan, which will automatically scan your body shape. Then, the indicator board shows you the colors, patterns, and stitches you can choose to create a fashionable look. If you dislike the offered options, you can connect to the internet and select any image you wish— from famous Michelangelo paintings to pictures of cars.

After you confirm the look, you only need to enter the cabin and take off your clothes. The machine automatically utilizes a spray, which covers your body in the garment of a desired form, color, and image. The clothes made of this technology remind me of the Torres runway show, where Bella Hadid was covered in a fabric, a liquid fabric that created a dress.

The clothes are completely degradable. Thus, they are elastic, the clothes will not tear. Additionally, if the person falls, the clothes will be fine and protect the human body from trauma. It is possible to get rid of the clothes by cutting them with scissors and then disposing of the pieces on the ground. The pieces will dissolve and serve as fertilizer to the crops. Due to their affordability, finances achieved from the vending machines are transmitted to the shelters for homeless people.  Kyiv evolved from an unknown, decimated city in Eastern Europe to an ecological and aesthetic community with a high quality of life.

Finally, the city of Kyiv launched teleport stations around its subway areas. I noticed that teleporting as a means of transportation was quite new and experimental. There was a black ark, and on the left, there was a screening tool where the person selected the location in various subway stations. I asked people about the tool, and they responded that the major and chief engineers launched the initiative of teleporting. The automobile and airplane industries produced extremely high carbon emissions in 2053, which led to an ecological catastrophe. Then, people started using flying cars powered by solar energy. However, in 2081, the national committee of ecological welfare of Ukraine announced the initiative to develop teleporting stations to substitute flying machines. Hence, Ukraine was a pioneer in teleporting engineering.”

Tricia Barker

Spiritual Community and Interviews

I’m a huge fan of ThetaHealing pioneered by Vianna Stibal, and if you are available, I would love to meet with you on zoom for nights of healing and downloads on Oct. 12th and Oct. 19th at 7:00 p.m. Central Time.

On October 12th, the clearings and downloads will focus on worthiness, self-love, joy, and healthy relationships.  We’ll also work on replacing programs associated with anxiety, depression, defeatism, and exhaustion and replace these programs with programs for serenity, hope about the future, health, strength, and vigor. In the chat section, you can suggest personal breakthrough you would like, and I’ll add some healings catered to the group.

On October 19th, the clearings will focus on breaking negative patterning around work, abundance, and long-term goals.  We’ll particularly work on replacing “wanting” energy with the energy of being in creative flow. In the chat section, you can suggest personal breakthrough you would like, and I’ll add some healings catered to the group.

If you don’t want to attend the spiritual community regularly but you would like to pop in for these nights, send a love donation and I’ll send the zoom link to you.

Also, I’d like to remind you to be grateful for the variety of life experiences. I’ve been reflecting on all the different media outlets and magazines that have been curious about my near-death experience. I’m always happy to reach people in a way that comforts them about the dying process and reminds people that there is more compassion and light on that other side than we might imagine.

Some interviews were more of a joy than others, and at times I was mostly grateful to myself for holding an energy of peace but not backing down in the face of people who tried to diminish me or my story. That was the case on the Dr. OZ show. The show was highly stylized.

Although the writers for the show tried to diminish my experience and frame it differently than I tell it, I held my ground. I didn’t need “an expert” to tell me about my experience as it was my experience, and I understand it intimately. Also, as a dog lover, I’m horrified by the latest accusations about Oz. However, I’m grateful for any exposure, including the exposure on his show because it gave me the chance to comfort someone in a hospital room or someone isolated at home who needed to hear about near-death experiences.

Some of my favorite interviews were the ones where I got to know the journalists. The article for Women’s World Magazine was fantastic, and I’m definitely excited for the show on GAIA to air soon.

I’m grateful for all the bloggers, Vloggers, and Podcasters who reached out to me. I’ve met many kind people over the last few years. Here are two recent interviews–one on YouTube on a wonderful channel called Next Level Soul and a cool blog called Mystic Mag.

We need community at this time more than ever, so I hope you have spiritual community. If you can join mine, I’d love to meet with you. If you would like to schedule a reading, I’m open to making hour long readings 30 minutes. Sometimes, you only need a bit of support and that is fine. I’m also open to lowering the price if you buy a package of readings. Contact me and check my schedule!

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to me for a reading or ThetaHealing. I’m sending you light on your journey. Many blessings….Tricia Barker

Lessons from My NDE

Hello Beautiful Light-Filled Souls!

I appreciate your support and interest in near-death experiences. This is my latest YouTube video. As an experiencer, I know how fragile life can be, and I also know the freedom, bliss, and understanding from my transition into the light. Dying for a few minutes turned out to be the greatest gift of my life. Many years after my experience, I continue to look out at the world and hope to see more people creating lives which are full of light and joy.

We can always reach for greater healing, hope, and connection. We can always make a difference in someone else’s life, and we can always help people by visualizing the best and highest outcomes for their lives.

I would love to have you join my spiritual community which meets on two Wednesdays each month at 7 p.m. Central. Here is a link to join.

We have fun in this group. I give theta healings, downloads, short readings, and more. Often, we simply discuss how to live more joyously and center light for healing and transformation.

May you feel more gratitude in your daily lives!

Many blessings

Tricia Barker

Intuitive Writing Course

Hello Beautiful Light-Filled Souls!

I’d love to have you join my intuitive writing course and to support you on your writing journey. I can answer questions about creative writing techniques, as well as questions about accessing the power of your intuition and guidance.

If you don’t know me…I’m Tricia Barker. I work as an English and Creative Writing Professor, and I’m a near-death experiencer. I love teaching and inspiring others to follow the light of their soul. I love helping to bring out the creative voice, honesty, and passion in others. You can click here to learn more about my writing course.

If I knew now what I didn’t know when I began writing my book, Angels in the OR, I would do many things differently. For one, I would release ALL attachments about how I thought my future with my book should look like. Instead, I would focus my love and intuition into the process of writing without fear or expectation about the outcome. And, I would pay a lot more attention to my audience! One of the great joys of writing is connecting with others on similar journeys.

Once my book launched, I would make fewer posts about the book launch, and make more posts about what my audience is going through and how I might offer them wisdom, insight, or entertainment on their journey. I would have fun with people who have their own spiritual experiences or moments of wonder to share. It is truly a gift that anyone takes the time to read something lengthy in the information age, and those who take the time to read our work should be our focus. Whether you are writing fiction, or creative nonfiction, knowing your audience is crucial.

There’s a lot I would change about my journey, but I’m glad I blogged about my story ahead of time. I’m glad I interviewed others and was on several podcasts before launching my book. You want to provide meaningful social media content whether you are writing nonfiction or fiction. Simply promoting the book itself doesn’t work without connecting the book to a theme, a question, life advice or some form of learning or entertainment. 

And, honestly, I don’t regret all of my self-promotion. Publishing a book is a great time to reach out to alumni groups and other meaningful communities. This gives you an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and some people might be interested in your book and your journey. I enjoyed learning what others I went to college with are creating and producing.

We grow after we publish, and that is part of the journey! So, no matter what you publish, know that you will continue to grow and change after publication.

The things I wouldn’t change about my writing journey:

* Making an outline for the book but being open to intuition along the way, especially in the revision stages.

* Asking my angels to communicate with me about the style I should use for this book. I love long poetic sentences. I love bold diction, detailed imagery, reflective language. and varied syntax. However, my angels told me to write Angels in the OR with some details but write it as a fast-paced, easy read. They wanted readers to be able to pick up my book and read it on a plane or in a couple of evenings. Ask your guides what style is best for the story you are communicating.

* Making a schedule and sticking to it. If you are a morning person, don’t try to write at night. If you are a night owl, don’t try to be creative in the morning. It takes dedication to write and write to the best of your ability.  However, you have to know when you need rest. We are more creative after resting. You also have to know when to honor the process when you are in the flow. 

* Paying a developmental writer to suggest revision possibilities. We all love our own creations, but we need someone who is not personally invested in our story or invested in us as a friend. We need someone with expertise and an objective idea about how to help with the structure of a novel or memoir. Pick a developmental editor who has successfully guided people to creating successful books.

*   Turning off the inner critic when writing the first draft. Turn that critic back on when revising and editing. And, don’t worry if you don’t have expertise…there is a such thing as beginner’s luck and being open to learning along the way. 

* .Listening to my deepest thoughts and communicating these thoughts. Writing is thinking, not speaking. You want your writing to sound like your best thoughts…not necessarily what you say in conversations.

* Finding my “voice.” However, you find it…you must find your own voice in the context of what has been written. You must feel that you are writing something new and true to yourself. Many musicians are inspired by musicians from the past, but they still have their own “sound.”  Writing is similar.

* Having writing groups workshop the first five chapters.  If you are sending your work out to agents or publishers, the first five chapters need to be spectacular!  You need younger people, older people, and people from different countries and cultures to look at your writing and tell you what makes sense to them and what doesn’t make sense to them.

*Spending at least a year revising and editing my first draft. I know that seems like a lot of time, and some writers say THREE years. Don’t be in a hurry!

* Giving away fifty copies of the book to bloggers and anyone who offered to write an Amazon review as part of my launch.  Amazon reviews help your book get noticed. 

* Creating workshops that include the price of your book and offer your expertise.

* Connecting with audiences virtually and in person.

* Encouraging others to follow their dreams because if you write a book you have definitely made a dream come true for yourself. You deserve to celebrate a bit!

My intuitive writing course is a bit different from some intuitive writing courses because I know that intuition can guide us to the right developmental editors and the right advice technical advice. If the writing journey seems daunting at times, have faith that the spiritual world can and often does show up at the right time to give you the courage to continue. May you be blessed!

Day One From the Annual Near-Death Experience Online Summit!

Hi Beautiful Light-Filled Souls,

Thanks for participating in the live online near-death experience summit this year! If you were not able to make it, I decided to keep Day One available on my YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy the messages from near-death experiencers and the healings at the end of the day. It starts at about minute 8:05. 

I am just one person organizing these events and producing them, and my latest YouTube video is about letting go and the spiritual lessons of surrender. This year is my last to produce this event! You would think as a near-death experiencer that I would be great at letting go since I experienced the bliss of that transition to the other side and felt absolutely no remorse about leaving the physical realm. There was so much joy, wonder, and excitement behind the veil.  It felt like being birthed into the spiritual realm.

However, here in the physical realm, I still suffer from loss and grief. I know how painful it can be to let go of pets, loved ones, relationships, jobs, dreams, goals, plans, and the sweetest of hopes, but sometimes it is important to do this to find the joy and magic in what comes next!

I’m deeply grateful for the comments from people about how their faith has deepened, how they are certain of the afterlife after watching these videos, and how they have experienced healing. People spoke of their creativity being ignited and much more.  Connecting with the viewers has been a joyous four years of production. I’m so grateful for your support and that I was able to spread light this way for the past four summers.

However, like any business venture, if it isn’t sustainable, then it is time to do something else. I am embracing what will be new in my life and walking into the future with the best of intentions and as much light as I can channel into this world.

Since this is my last online near-death experience summit, I want everyone to see the great talks from Dr. Villodo, Lisa Romano, Brooke Grove, Dr. Sharon Prentice and many more! Many of the speakers talked about grief, healing, recovery from narcissistic abuse, connection to guides and angels, and shifts in consciousness.

If you would like to purchase the package which contains the videos and audios of the pre-recorded videos and live videos, here is that link. The Coupon Code is LASTSUMMIT40 and this makes the entire package only $40 dollars. Once you purchase the package, please remember your login and sign in here to see all the videos and audios.

If you purchase the package, you will also have the link to join my community meetings on specific Wednesday evenings. I have guest speakers join, and I do group readings, group theta healings, and learn from you! See the last link in the recordings for more information about that and the zoom link. If you are only interested in the spiritual community, the first month is free, and here is that link!

I hope you all have more moments of living fully and living passionately! And, I hope all that is lost is a great learning tool and comes back to you in one form or another. 

All we take with us is love, and I have loved all the beautiful days of these online summits and talking with all the inspiring speakers.

many blessings,

Tricia Barker

Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit (July 23-25, 2021)

I would love it if you signed up for free, and checked out the cool speakers that I have lined up for this year’s online summit. Many more speakers will be added to the pre-recorded portal. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel because I will give you lots of updates about this event.

On July 23-25th, speakers will be LIVE on my YouTube to answer your questions about the afterlife, mysticism, intuition, sound healing, energy healing, unity consciousness, spiritual healing from narcissistic abuse, personal empowerment and much more! This year’s conference theme is Practical Spirituality and Personal Empowerment.

Many people write to me and want to know how to feel a divine flow of love in their lives, so I am interviewing and pre-recording with experts in grief recovery, psychology, healing, coaching, personal empowerment, and liberation without spiritual bypass. Additional speakers will be announced soon!

My hope is always to bring more healing to those who have suffered trauma. People with PTSD have heightened perceptions, and one of my messages is that these heightened perceptions can be a beautiful gift when you spend time in nature. I can’t tell you how many people have told me stories of letting the earth send healing energy to them when they are suffering.

Never underestimate the power of simply sitting under a tree, walking along a body of water, or climbing a hill and looking at a beautiful expanse of this earth. Healing through nature brings more space and peace to the heart, mind, body, and soul.

We live in a time where many people’s nervous systems are agitated and programmed for arguments, but there is no need to argue with the healing power of nature. If you subscribe to a religion, believing that God created nature to help heal you will be a positive in your life. If you are agnostic, you can understand that time in nature decreases your stress level and improves your health. One of the messages from my near-death experience was simply, “Remind them to go to nature.” I remind people frequently. Mission completed:-)

So, go to nature, enjoy your day, and enjoy your life. And, if you want the full list of speakers and pre-recorded events, click here!

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WFAA Good Morning Texas Segment

I’m grateful to the reporter Paige McCoy Smith for covering my near-death experience story and my book on Good Morning Texas. We filmed at the beautiful Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, and this setting helped convey the message from my near-death experience to remind people to go to nature to relieve stress and reconnect with inner peace.

Here’s a link to the story.

It was windy and there were leaf blowers, but we got that filming done anyway!

Spiritual Community and Interviews

I’d love it if you joined my spiritual community. We meet once a month on zoom at 7:30 Central on Wednesdays. In these groups, I offer group readings and support to those who are in the process of developing their intuitive and mediumship abilities. I also invite guests who offer healings and readings to my community.

When you join my community, you have access to the recordings of all workshops I have taught including the one titled, “Deepening Your Intuition” as well as the guided meditations from January. Click here to join.

I enjoyed this recent interview with Shannon Torrence on her show Magic is Real. I also talked with Kevin Bates, the host of Truth Junkie and that interview will be out soon.

New Guided Meditations

Humanity is pushing forward energetically. When you are asked to look at old traumas, don’t be afraid. Step into healing and meet your wounds with unconditional love. When you step into healing, you are in the group of people who are embracing important change. If you choose not to step into healing and keep using the same tools and escapisms, you miss out on greater love, freedom, and understanding.

There is no need to fear healing because all that you must do is meet these traumas with the energy of unconditional love. You are supported by the light, and healing is always in your own best interest.

I made this guided meditation to help people let go of trauma. Many of these traumas occurred in childhood for people, so give unconditional love to that little child within you.

This next meditation offers general healing and connection to unconditional love.

I’m very happy to collaborate with Eliya Sound Healer with this guided meditation. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel.

Also, I’d love it if you joined my community (40 days free). We meet twice a month on zoom on Wednesday evenings, and I upload my workshops, private lectures and meditations there. I had so much fun last night giving a couple of group medium readings! The love from the other side sometimes pours through for people, and I feel blessed to be a part of the experience.

Meditation and Messages of Hope

Meditation has cumulative benefits. I would love it if you joined my community (free for 40 days) and committed for more meditation and healing in 2021! Here are some of the topics!

I’m deeply grateful for all the podcasters and interviewers I have talked with since speaking publicly about my near-death experience. Recently, Jeff Mara put together a video showcasing the many beautiful messages of love and hope from 100 near-death experiencers he has interviewed. I have also interviewed a lot of these folks on my YouTube Channel, so I enjoyed hearing familiar messages and new ones. Check out his video!