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Tricia’s memoir, Angels in the OR:  What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival, and Transformation can be ordered now at this link.  It is available in e-book, paperback, and in an Audible version.

For three years, Tricia has hosted dozens of near-death experiences at her annual online summit. The 2020 version was free on the days the summit was live! To see a list of the speakers, click here. To purchase the recorded version of The Third Annual Online NDE Summit and be a part of her spiritual community, click here.

Television Appearances

  • Tricia Barker is featured on the Amazon documentary Life to Afterlife: Death and Beyond with three other near-death experiencers. This episode aired in 2020.
  • Tricia Barker appeared on The Dr. Oz Show on Feb. 15, 2019.
  • Tricia’s near-death experience story aired on A&E’s Bio Channel and was featured in Season 1, Episode 3 of the I Survived: Beyond and Back series. (2010)
  • Supreme Master Television (Constructive Programming for a Peaceful World) broadcast a series about my near-death experience in January 2020 in a number of languages including German, Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Thai, Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic, Romanian, and Portuguese. Here are the links:Angels in the OR (Part 1 of 4)             Angels in the OR (Part 2 of 4)Angels in the OR (Part 3 of 4)

Magazines and Newspapers

  • Women’s World Magazine covered Tricia’s near-death experience story in April 2019.
  • Simple Grace Magazine featured Tricia Barker’s story as their cover in August 2018.
  • Angels in the OR has been profiled by The World’s Video Wiki in this list of five authors who have turned personal experiences into meaningful literature.
  • Uplift Magazine covered Tricia’s near-death experience including her battle with depression and her suicide attempt prior to her NDE in 2017.
  •  In April 2016 National Geographic Magazine published an article which features Tricia’s story and several other NDErs stories.  Here is Tricia’s response to the article.
  • Fort Worth Weekly reviewed Tricia’s memoir Angels in the OR.  Here is the link to the review.
  • The Epoch Times wrote a story about Tricia’ near-death experience.  Here is a link to the story.

Radio Interviews/Podcasts/Blogs

Research and Public Speeches

  • To purchase the 2020 IANDS conference package of speakers (which includes a talk with Tricia) click here.
  • Tricia Barker shared her Veridical Near-Death Experience on a panel at the IANDS 2017 Conference 
  • Tricia Barker shared her near-death experience at Farmington, Connecticut on September 9, 2019.  Here is the YouTube link.
  • Tricia Barker shared her story with the Charlotte IANDS chapter. Here is the link to that talk.
  • Tricia Barker shared tips from her NDE at the 2020 IANDS conference. Here is that link.
  • Tricia Barker gave a talk about spirituality and angel communication on Saturday, June 8,  2019 at HeartSpace OC in Irvine.
  • Dr. Jan Holden, Department Chair and Professor of Counseling and Higher Education at UNT, is a well-known researcher of NDEs and OBEs.  She features a portion of Tricia’s stories in this lecture.  Here are several of the clips from her lectures.  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.   If you are seriously interested in NDEs, consider reading  “The Handbook of Near Death Experiences:  Thirty Years of Investigations” which is edited by Dr. Jan Holden.
  • One of the largest databases of NDE accounts can be found at  Tricia’s story has been uploaded to the database of exceptional NDEs.  Check out some of the other wonderful stories at their website.  “Evidence of the Afterlife:  The Science of Near-Death Experiences” by Dr. Jeffrey Long is an amazing book that resulted from his research of NDEs.
  • Tricia answers questions about her particular NDE in this video and talks about the aftereffects of NDEs such a psychic phenomenon, electrical sensitivities,  and OBEs in this video.
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