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  • Jannecke Øinæs from Wisdom from North recently interviewed Tricia about her near-death experience. Here is the link. 
  • Tricia’s near-death experience story aired on A&E’s Bio Channel and was featured in Season 1, Episode 3 of the I Survived:  Beyond and Back series.  You can watch the full episode here.
  •  In April 2016 National Geographic published an article which features Tricia’s story and several other NDErs stories.  Here is Tricia’s response to the article.
  • Dr. Jan Holden, Department Chair and Professor of Counseling and Higher Education at UNT, is a well-known researcher of NDEs and OBEs.  She features a portion of Tricia’s stories in this lecture.  Here are several of the clips from her lectures.  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.   If you are seriously interested in NDEs, consider reading  “The Handbook of Near Death Experiences:  Thirty Years of Investigations” which is edited by Dr. Jan Holden.
  • One of the largest databases of NDE accounts can be found at  Tricia’s story has been uploaded to the database of exceptional NDEs.    Check out some of the other wonderful stories at their website.  “Evidence of the Afterlife:  The Science of Near-Death Experiences” by Dr. Jeffrey Long is an amazing book that resulted from his research of NDEs.
  • Tricia answers questions about her particular NDE in this video and talks about the aftereffects of NDEs such a psychic phenomenon, electrical sensitivities,  OBEs, and childlike wonder and renewed innocence in this video.
  • She started a series called “Mindfulness for Millennials” which will include meditations and truth talks covering issues facing this generation.  After years of teaching millennials, she hopes to give them a bit more wisdom to help them on their journey through their lives.  Here is the first of these videos.