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meditation.jpgTypes of Readings

Medium Readings:  My near-death experience opened my abilities to hear messages from angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones.  After my father’s death in 2008, I began to receive frequent messages from my ancestors and other’s ancestors.  With a medium reading, my goal is to give you greater peace and a connection to your loved one(s) in the afterlife.  My goal is to facilitate your connection to your loved ones, as well as receiving my confirmation.

Angel Healing Guidance:   My angels were a force of great healing during my near-death experience, and they are always more than willing to offer us healing and comfort if we only we ask for their help.  If you would like to schedule an intuitive reading, please have a clear intention of what you would most like to receive from your angels and guides.  The angels, of course, may focus on something different, but their focus is always for your highest good.

More than anything, I want each of you to trust your own intuition. Any reading should put you more in touch with your own innate sense of knowing.  That is certainly my ultimate desire for you.

May you spend lots of quality time in nature, and may you be blessed by the beauty and healing light of the other side.

Please contact me for an appointment (Central Standard Time) Monday – Friday.   I do not give readings full-time, so I will schedule requests as time permits.  My summer hours are more flexible than other times during the year. 

Submissions: I would love to feature other NDE accounts and bloggers on my website. Email me me if you have an inspiring story or moment of transformation that you would like to share on my blog.

Email List:  If you are contacting me about my manuscript, I would be happy to add you to my email list and let you know when my book will be published.