After Death Communication Part II


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“What happens after death is so unspeakably glorious that our imagination and our feelings do not suffice to form even an approximate conception of it. The dissolution of our time-bound form in eternity brings no loss of meaning.”Carl Jung

Those who die do not go very far away.  In fact, if you can hear messages from God, you can hear messages from those who have transitioned to the other side.   I am only recently opening up to this ability.  A couple of weeks ago, one of my students lost her father suddenly.  She is a grounded, beautiful, kind, talented young woman, and I wanted to support her through her time of grief to the best of my ability.  A few minutes before Creative Writing class started, I asked if her father had a message he wanted me to give to his daughter.

The minute I asked for a message, a wave of light and a powerful feeling of love came over me.  Love of this sort is not filtered by fear or material concerns. It is pure and direct, and I recognized the quality of it from the other side.   His communication felt similar to the telepathy I experienced from the angels, but his message slowed down a little in order to speak specific words to me.

I felt his strength, love, and admiration for his daughter.  He has enormous pride and belief in her and wanted to tell her to continue on with her goals and be strong.  I asked for clarification about what type of goals he wanted her to pursue, wondering if he meant writing or other educational goals.  He told me that he realized I worked as her instructor and though education was important to me it was only part of what she needs to focus on accomplishing.  He told me that she has is an interest outside of academia that she needs to pursue.

I didn’t have time to ask for specifics because several students walked into class and wanted to talk about their final projects.  Throughout the class, I felt excited and wanted to talk with her and see if she might be open to hearing this message from me.  When class ended, I walked out with her and asked if she had interests outside of studies at the college.  She replied that she wants to open a food truck and loves cooking.  We need a food truck near our community college campus, and I am certain that money could be made if someone made this happen.  I encouraged her to pursue this interest and even let her know that I felt her father’s powerful love and encouragement from the other side.

In the past, I wouldn’t have asked for a message from her father, and even if I received a message I probably would have only used the information to encourage her to pursue these interests.  I would’ve been embarrassed to admit that I believe I can “talk with dead people.”  I don’t care so much now what others think of this ability.  I know when the communication is real because it has that certain quality that I felt on the other side of the veil.  The love is tangible, real, and the only currency worth betting on for the long haul.

I think my student was pleased and somewhat surprised by the conversation.  For me, the experience of connecting with her father was both humbling and exciting.  It was a privilege to feel this man’s love for his daughter.  Love does not die at the time of death.  His love and connection for her will follow her throughout life, and she will feel him smiling as certain moments in her life fall into place.  Having this small confirmation gave me more security in the messages I’ve received from my father on the other side.

My father, who always had a sense of humor, says he approves of this message.  Danny Barker did a lot of talking in life, and he seems to want to continue talking from the other side as well.  For a while, I shut out messages from him.  I didn’t care for some of his advice, especially relationship advice.  I see his advice differently now. I’ll save that long story for another time (or perhaps a book later) and only say that I’m listening to his messages now.

I feel honored that my student’s father trusted me with a moment of communication, and I know he loves her dearly.  I am honored that I could pass on this message to her.


7 thoughts on “After Death Communication Part II

  1. Hearing your exchange is very inspirational. I crotchet, and every time I’m working on a project I think of my grandmother…it’s nice to think that this is our connection, and that I’m not only thinking of her – but that’s she’s here beside me as I create objects of love for others.

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  2. Prof. Barker
    I know our loved ones are with us and they do talk with us. We just have to listen in that very special way, I know they can get disappointed when we do something wrong or harmful to ourselves because they want us to have and feel they love they have now.
    Thank you so much for providing your story with us.

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