Near Death Experiencers are Making Spirituality as Mainstream as Yoga

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“I believe that the greatest truths of the universe don’t lie outside, in the study of the stars and the planets. They lie deep within us, in the magnificence of our heart, mind, and soul. Until we understand what is within, we can’t understand what is without.” ― Anita MoorjaniDying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing

Liberating Communication:  When I hear people tell me to use cation when talking about communicating with angel guides or hearing messages from deceased loved ones, I look at these people and wonder what rock they crawled out from under.  Haven’t most people heard of Doreen Virtue, James Van Prague, Edgar Cayce, Esther Hicks, Johnathan Edward, Louise Hay, or any of the thousands of writers published by Hay House Press?

When skeptics still talk about NDEs as only the brain shutting down, I wonder if they are starting to run out of excuses as more and more accounts flood in from doctors and surgeons who have had NDEs and as more people come back and verify details happening in the same room, the next room, down the hall, or across the continent or globe.

I’m not speaking my truth in order to counter any religion or belief system.  My hope is that my experiences from the other side help others to embrace basic truths found in most religions. As long as a religion has love as its central message, it does not counter what I experienced of God.  Love is the most important part of life.  Additionally, messages about not harming others and living more fully connected to others and nature are vital.   Little children often know from that essential, heart-centered part of themselves how to love all people and work to end conflicts with others.  Any religion or spiritual teaching that focuses on these truths helps people live better lives.

“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All is a miracle.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

Isn’t spirituality mainstream now?   Hasn’t Oprah featured enough spiritual leaders that many of their messages are now mainstream?  For the past twenty years, I’ve seen countless meditation teachers and spiritual teachers reach levels of national fame.  Possibly my area of the country in Fort Worth, Texas is more conservative than cities I enjoy visiting like Sedona, San Diego, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle.  I feel more at home around like-minded people, but I also know that part of my mission as a teacher and college professor in Texas has been to open the minds of young people who might not have a lot of exposure to different ways of thinking.

In the classroom, I don’t spend any time talking about channeling, angels, or such topics.  I might tell my NDE story once if I am asked about it.  I cover the curriculum.  I’m a logical person in love with facts and statistics.   I love literature and reading, and teach American Literature and Creative Writing.  However, many poems and topics in literature allow me to talk about human nature, connection to nature, current issues in society, and personal growth and development. Most people would never know I am channeling.  My voice doesn’t change other than perhaps slowing down for emphasis.  I don’t get a faraway, theatrical look in my eye.  I don’t break into noticeable, off-topic rambling in the middle of lectures.  Sometimes, I catch a student’s eye, and I feel loving guidance prompting me to say something related to the topic we are discussing that might help this person on their journey.  I believe my words can be healing, and this healing can be spontaneous.  Sometimes, I pass a student in the hallway and start a conversation that might help that person.

Many people who are intuitive and can read body language can connect with students in this manner.  I know I am channeling only because I saw angels on the other side send light and healing through my surgeons and into my body.  If angels could work through my surgeons to heal me, I believe they can work through me to heal others.  Also, when I channel, I feel a certain warmth take over my body, and this warmth feels like unconditional love from the other side.   The huge moment of grace I received during my near death experience is something I want to pass on to others in any way that I can.  If my writing helps others feel the love the divine gave to me, then I will keep writing.  If my teachings and lectures help others feel moments of the divine, then I will keep communicating.

“Simply give to yourselves that which you need – which is love and appreciation without judgment.” ― Réné Gaudette

Faith:  As far as my own faith goes, I took a vow as a teacher to “do no harm.”  During the life review portion of my NDE, I was certain that I must try to avoid harm wherever possible and to remind others of the healing power of nature and the importance of loving the innocent, child-like part of themselves.  The light from the other side of this life instructed me to be a teacher, and I am always filled with buoyancy and happiness the minute my feet have stepped onto the campus.  I get excited by the possibility of what information might flow through me from my divine messengers of light.  I never doubted their existence because I witnessed them in action.  I have, over the years, become more sensitive to the process as I receive messages.

Outside of the body, groups of thoughts were sent into my spiritual form all at once.  The spirit body can receive transmissions of information much quicker than the human mind.  If you can imagine the brain as a slower, outdated computer in comparison to the spirit, then you might see how large bodies of information are transferred during NDEs, OBEs, and other moments of spiritual communication.  When I’m given information in the classroom, this information is given usually to help one particular student in need at that moment.  Some messages are general enough to benefit groups of students.  Sometimes, I am only reinforcing ideas students know who are already in an awakened state.  Other times, I see it is impossible to penetrate the fear surrounding a person at a particular time in his or her life.  In those moments, I can only hope that my classroom was a safe environment, and that those students might stretch their wings and shine at a later time in their lives.

It is only due to our concepts that we feel separate from the world. We are isolated by ideas of inadequacy, ideas of danger, ideas of loneliness, and ideas of rejection. While we may indeed face external difficulties, our thoughts can amplify them—or even create them—leading us deeper into delusion. If we do not want to be enslaved by our thoughts, we can choose to transform our minds. In any given moment, do I choose to strengthen the delusion or the truth of connection?-Sharon Salzberg

Beyond the NDE:  When I contemplate the idea of faith, I know that I never doubt the other side and the beauty I saw during my NDE.  Staring down death, I will feel happiness to enter that light-filled, love-filled dimension again.  I do not look forward to aging or more physical pain. I do not look forward to leaving behind people, places, and experiences I love, but I know that love is what we take with us.  Love gets written into the fiber and essence of our being.   We never lose that experience of love.  The pain of this life is washed away, not the love.

I don’t know what comes next after completly merging with the most loving force I’ve ever experienced.  I know that the closer I got to the light in my NDE, the less concerned I was about leaving anything here on earth.  That love was more intoxicating, more satisfying, and more peaceful than any experience I have had.

Channeling:  I don’t claim to have perfect control over my abilities as a channel.  I only know that when I make myself available and of service to others, there is a great chance that angels will communicate through me to specific individuals.  Sometimes, channeling is more like plugging in quickly to a consciousness greater than my own, somewhat like the moments outside of my body when I began to merge with everyone I had ever known.  Greater truths became evident and easier to pick out.

Many great poets, writers, songwriters, and filmmakers certainly have tapped into the collective unconscious and accessed information beyond their own understanding.  That is the magic of art.  When you are open, miracles can flow through you.

All I have are my experiences, my thoughts, and my remembrance of how the angels readily sent me messages with alacrity.  When I experience that particular sensation in this body, I know that I am connecting to the other side.  I have faith that those who speak a message of love for the self, respect for others, understanding of multiple perspectives, earth stewardship, and connection to nature are on a path to quicken the enlightenment of humanity.

“Our eternal spiritual self is more real than anything we perceive in this physical realm, and has a divine connection to the infinite love of the Creator.” ― Eben Alexander, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife

Trauma and Faith:  Although my faith has wavered as I experienced trauma and the hatefulness and delusion of certain people I have come in contact with on my path, I know that time has a way of using even these experiences to help others.  I only have my response, and my response to help others avoid trauma or to add light to their journey towards greater wholeness and health.   It is not my path to reach out to those who have abused and harmed me.  My path is to help those who have been harmed and abused, and to remind them of their light, their beauty, and their importance.

Being a victim does not take anyone away from the love of the Divine; rather, it can bring people closer and remind them of their strength and connection to others.  Trauma, much like profound spiritual experiences, remind us that there is more to life than the body.  Though the body can be harmed and killed, there is something much more beautiful that continues on.  One’s soul releases pain on the other side and only holds on to love.  It makes sense to me to love oneself deeply through every experience, and to extend this love to the moments and people in your life that bring you joy.

Destiny:  I can no longer pretend to agree with others who believe it is professionally or personally unwise to speak my truth.   Although I have free will, I don’t think I can avoid my destiny, and my destiny is to talk about spiritual truths with others.  I believe all messages of love are important. I want to see others feel greater empathy and love for themselves and for others.  Once we all remember our true, eternal, spiritual nature, all fear, suffering, and chaos will disappear from our earth.


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  1. Adore your blog. My dad an NDE. He can’t remember much of it but I was there. He came round after the nurse had resuscitated him and spoke of how he saw himself on the bed with her pumping his chest. He did come out of his body. My father is a stable minded businessmen. He is is not hugely spiritual as I am etc. x

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