Experience Connection With Unconditional Love

The things slowly killing us are often our thoughts—our denials of love for ourselves in a thousand small ways.

We are a vehicle for God’s love. We are all facilitators of this love, but we are either teaching others what it looks like to not let much of God’s love flow through us, what it looks like to be filled with insecurity, wounds, and beliefs that we are not enough without “this relationship, this financial situation, this certain appearance” OR we are giving ourselves the great gift of acceptance and love just as we are.

This holiday season, remember that it doesn’t cost a thing to be in harmonic convergence with the love of God. It doesn’t cost a thing to play with life. It doesn’t cost a thing to be authentically you and love every minute of that experience. It doesn’t cost a thing to refuse to ruminate on pain and to choose to focus on love.

We all deserve to experience the love of God that I felt during my near-death experience. I must admit that at times on my journey after the NDE I’ve missed that feeling and felt separated from God’s love. How could I not miss a love that was total, complete, and without judgment? How could I not miss a moment of floating in perfection?

Because I experienced God’s love this deeply, I also experienced what it was like to love myself in this way—completely, without judgment or fear. I couldn’t fathom wishing to have more, be more, or experience more of anything other than love.

My journey, and most likely everyone’s journey, is to remember how to experience connection instead of separation from unconditional love.

The separation from this total, amazing, all-encompassing love is one of the hardest things to experience in form. We are all capable of loving ourselves deeply, but much of the information around us tells us differently. We are bombarded by our thoughts and the thoughts of a media-infested world telling us what we might be instead of teaching us how to love ourselves.

In the afterlife, God did not compare me to anyone else. On the earth plane, we all too frequently do this to ourselves. In heaven, I was alone and at peace in this swimming, floating experience of God’s love. I didn’t need anything other than my own soul and to be a part of God.

Part of learning to access this love is having the ability to experience bliss while completely alone. Meditation is one way to access this. Nature can put us in touch with the moment and allow us to access more of this joy and love.

But, how do we carry ourselves through life with this love? How do we experience this love in times of stress, loss, bereavement, illness, crisis, and pain?

How do we celebrate ourselves without the energy of revenge or competition? How do we love others without being cloying or controlling? How do we move through difficult moments of our lives without draining our energy or the energy of others? How do we get what we need from life in a balanced, harmonious manner?

The answer, of course, is to open ourselves to great, enormous waves of self-love that will carry us through every moment of our lives. This self-love allows us to give more than we receive and not be bitter about it….to know that our magnificence is the fact that we walk in self-respect and love for ourselves and everyone else.

I am looking forward to creating a community of those who are interested in sharing how they bring the divine love of God into their lives. Angels and guides can be important helpers in this process.

In my two-week class, I will share five of my most important tips for opening completely to the love of God. We will discuss several ways to open more to the guidance and profound healing of the angelic realm. We will create a plan with deadlines to incorporate more unconditional love into our lives.

I will learn from you, as you learn from me.

More information about this class will be coming soon! To get updates, please like and follow my Facebook Page.

In the meantime, reach for ways to love yourself more.

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