Love is All That Matters

It is my great hope to spread healing and light with Angels in the OR  as it launches tomorrow on April 16, 2019.  I made this video on YouTube to connect with you and to remind you that the love you give to this world works to transform this world in beautiful ways.

Be sure to check out this week’s issue of Woman’s World Magazine. Diane Nichols wrote a wonderful article about my near-death experience titled, “A Trip to Heaven Taught Me That We All Have A Purpose: To Spread Love.”

Also, please check out the early responses I have already received from readers who got a copy of Angels in the OR before the release. I look forward to hearing from more readers.

Here is a new response I received today.  Thank you all for your support and for sharing your own healing journeys with me! Much love to you all…

“When my advanced copy of professor Tricia Barker’s new book arrived, it instantly drew me in just looking at the cover. I had to begin reading it immediately, and indeed it was difficult to put down once I started. It’s a real page turner.

Tricia’s writing is unique in that she takes you through the journey of her life experiences in a completely relatable way. She writes with a compassionate insight that is translated into your own personal challenges. Her transformation is a gift to the reader, uplifting, encouraging, and healing sprinkled with humor. But, the best part is her message of God’s pure love and healing essence that the reader can’t help but experience through her storytelling.

Upon completion I felt that I had finally gotten my answer to the meaning of life. It’s all about love, pure love that transcends all negativity, and is the true basis of our life. I couldn’t recommend “Angels in the OR” more highly; it connects you more with life way beyond powerfully!” — Shireen Nickel

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Angels in the OR can be purchased as a paperback, e-book, or Audible. 

2 thoughts on “Love is All That Matters

  1. I found your story very interesting especially because my mother had a near death experience when she had an ectopic prenancy and the tube burst. However, she did not see beautiful light and such as other people see. She told of being above her body watching and listening to the doctors. One said that he wouldn’t give 2 cents for her life, that she had lost too much blood. A week later, mother was on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor and taking care of her 9 children. My mother was a beautiful Christian woman who dedicated each child to God when it was born. Her early life was not a good one, being orphaned, abused and worked like a slave by the woman who raised her. What surprised the family was that she described being at Hell’s gate, hearing the weeping and gnashing teeth of the souls in hell. I’ve never heard anyone describe that kind of NDE before. My mother also had visions, one that I can attest to so I know that she really had visions, not dreams. She could tell the difference. My mother lived to age 95, only dying because she refused treatment for a heart attack. She told the doctor that she had lived her life and it was time for her to go.


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