So Many Good Shows, Podcasts, & More

I’m beyond grateful for my connections with you….

When I started this blog four years ago, I had no idea that I would soon be connected to some amazing podcasters, filmmakers, near-death experiencers, healers, shamans, mediums, spiritual teachers and lovely people willing to share their spiritual journeys with me. Every day I talk with inspirational people around the world…. Thank you for finding me and sharing bits of your wisdom and your lives with me. You bless me!!

Most of my work has been online, and online summits have certainly taken off during the pandemic. Soon, I get to be a part of the joy and wisdom of this group of lovely speakers. On Nov. 10-15th, 35 Western spiritual leaders, teachers and coaches will share insights and practical tools for experiencing peace and joy despite the challenges of life! The topics are right in line with what I love to talk about—sharing your light with the world, letting go of baggage, and expressing your true potential! Check out the speakers!

Also, I’m honored to be a part of the documentary Facing Fear. It was an unexpected pleasure to meet Bill Bennett and his crew last summer and talk with them candidly. We had no idea that the world would be so deeply impacted and continues to be impacted by fear. Certainly, one of my messages is to help people release some of their fear of death and live more fully in the light.

Here’s an except from the website about this project. I hope you’ll check it out! I have enormous respect for Bill Bennet and his work.

“Eighteen months ago, Bill Bennett set off around the world to make a film on fear. He interviewed a broad range of people including leading experts on fear. Then the coronavirus hit, and that put a temporary stop to production. Yet fear was running rampant, and Bill realized there was a desperate need for the kind of information he’d gathered.

So as a precursor to the film, he’s created this website containing edited versions of each interview, along with up-to-date Zoom interviews discussing how to manage fear during the current crisis. There’s 27 interviews in all, each running 45-60 minutes, providing nearly 24hrs of crucial and practical advice on how to get on top of your fears. It’s an extraordinary resource discussing fear in depth, tailored to what we’re going through right now.”

I am constantly surprised by how many GREAT podcasters there are in the spirituality and wellness category.

Lately, my story has recently been featured on several engaging podcasts.

I opened up in a way I haven’t yet in this Skeptico Interview. Alex asked me more about parts of my story that are in my book but not addressed frequently in interviews.

Jeff Mara also has a wonderful podcast and it was a pleasure to talk with him. Check out some of his interviews with near-death experiencers.

I hope everyone is meditating, staying well, and keeping your minds focused on the light!

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