Writing About Spirituality Workshop! Last Day to Sign Up!

Would you like to write about your spiritual experiences? Writing can connect you to your intuitive knowing and guidance. It can also be a powerful way to release stored energy and experience spontaneous healing. Join virtually on Sundays 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Central Time (Nov. 22, 29, and Dec. 1). Join here!

The event will be recorded if you can’t make all the dates, but it would be fun to talk about your ideas and address your questions. In this three-part workshop, we will explore techniques for creating authentic writing. For over eleven years, I have helped college students of all ages and backgrounds express themselves and engage audiences. I have also traditionally published a best-selling memoir and self-published other books.

We will discuss topics related to your book ideas, as well as choices about writing nonfiction or fiction, writing through trauma, writing about spiritual experiences, planning, simplifying, adding depth, voice, style, memory, and letting go of ego in order to tell the best story or share the best information with your audience. Magic happens on the writing journey. I have witnessed it and would love to share this with you. Our capacity for empathy and connection grows as we connect with those who are sharing their lives with us at a deep level.

So Many Good Shows, Podcasts, & More

I’m beyond grateful for my connections with you….

When I started this blog four years ago, I had no idea that I would soon be connected to some amazing podcasters, filmmakers, near-death experiencers, healers, shamans, mediums, spiritual teachers and lovely people willing to share their spiritual journeys with me. Every day I talk with inspirational people around the world…. Thank you for finding me and sharing bits of your wisdom and your lives with me. You bless me!!

Most of my work has been online, and online summits have certainly taken off during the pandemic. Soon, I get to be a part of the joy and wisdom of this group of lovely speakers. On Nov. 10-15th, 35 Western spiritual leaders, teachers and coaches will share insights and practical tools for experiencing peace and joy despite the challenges of life! The topics are right in line with what I love to talk about—sharing your light with the world, letting go of baggage, and expressing your true potential! Check out the speakers!


Also, I’m honored to be a part of the documentary Facing Fear. It was an unexpected pleasure to meet Bill Bennett and his crew last summer and talk with them candidly. We had no idea that the world would be so deeply impacted and continues to be impacted by fear. Certainly, one of my messages is to help people release some of their fear of death and live more fully in the light.

Here’s an except from the website about this project. I hope you’ll check it out! I have enormous respect for Bill Bennet and his work.

“Eighteen months ago, Bill Bennett set off around the world to make a film on fear. He interviewed a broad range of people including leading experts on fear. Then the coronavirus hit, and that put a temporary stop to production. Yet fear was running rampant, and Bill realized there was a desperate need for the kind of information he’d gathered.

So as a precursor to the film, he’s created this website containing edited versions of each interview, along with up-to-date Zoom interviews discussing how to manage fear during the current crisis. There’s 27 interviews in all, each running 45-60 minutes, providing nearly 24hrs of crucial and practical advice on how to get on top of your fears. It’s an extraordinary resource discussing fear in depth, tailored to what we’re going through right now.”


I am constantly surprised by how many GREAT podcasters there are in the spirituality and wellness category.

Lately, my story has recently been featured on several engaging podcasts.

I opened up in a way I haven’t yet in this Skeptico Interview. Alex asked me more about parts of my story that are in my book but not addressed frequently in interviews.

Jeff Mara also has a wonderful podcast and it was a pleasure to talk with him. Check out some of his interviews with near-death experiencers.

I hope everyone is meditating, staying well, and keeping your minds focused on the light!

Deepening Your Intuition Workshop

Online Workshop–October 25, 2020 1 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. (Central Standard Time) Register here through Raja Yoga.

Which intuitive messages are most helpful on your path?

During my near-death experience, I experienced much healing and compassion. Intuitive messages that come from a place of love and open you to greater awareness are important messages.

In the afterlife, I understood that we are not alone on this journey. Spirit continues to show me that we are each supported deeply and profoundly by intelligence, energy, and love.

Some people fear that they cannot connect, but communication with divinity, ancestors, guides, and the angelic realm can be strengthened simply by shifting your focus from the physical to the Spirit world. 

We all have an innate ability to connect to our inner knowing. Often, a discussion about what this connection feels like to various people can help you trust your own knowing a bit more. Additionally, meditation, trauma release, and chakra balancing can enhance the flow of your intuition.

I enjoy creating safe communities where others can support one another. We can learn to trust our intuition more by connecting with others in authentic ways.

All ability levels are welcome to this workshop. Sign up, and I’ll give you free access to my online spiritual community through the end of 2020!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Shaman Oaks Interview, Kundalini Yoga, and Random Updates!

I love this interview on the Shaman Oaks YouTube channel. The visuals are great! If I had skills with Final Cut Pro, I would have chosen similar images. I’m deeply grateful to meet the wonderful people who subscribe to his channel who are on their own awakening paths! I highly recommend checking out his healing videos as well as his videos which share openly about his spiritual journey.

My Life Since March

So, how has your life changed since March of 2020? Have you learned anything new or altered your ways? I bought a bike (the first bike I’ve owned since college), and I’ve been biking around town like I’m a character in Portlandia! Less traffic and more time for exercise and sunlight has been great fun.

Recently, I found that I deeply appreciate the benefits of Kundalini yoga. For so long, I have preferred cardio for exercise and various forms of meditation for my spiritual practice. I’ve resisted the idea of yoga, but this form of yoga found me and insisted that I try it! I’ve written openly about many different healing modalities for C-PTSD, and Kundalini yoga has impressive holistic benefits.

One of the cool things about everything being online is that we can try classes from different cities. If you want to join my Kundalini class online in Fort Worth at Raja Yoga I highly recommend the online classes. One of the teachers, Dr. Kari Rollins, graduated from Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. She’s a fantastic teacher and often gives tips for preventing illnesses and living a balanced life.

I’m thrilled that thousands of people around the world tuned in for the free live version The Third Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit. If you are interested in purchasing the recorded version of the summit, you can still do this!

With that purchase, you get access to my spiritual community which meets online every other Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Central Standard Time. You also get a signed copy of my book if you live in the United States. I’d love to have you join us! Here’s the link.

Thanks so much for your orders of Angels in the OR on Audible. It is fun to see it listed next to some wonderful books in the NDE category!

Reading from “Loving Narcissus & Sometimes God”

Poetry is a fantastic medium for writing about spirituality, especially when these experiences are still integrating and peculating. I often encourage those who have recently awakened or had a near-death experience to journal and write poetry if that interests them. Years later, I know they will look back and appreciate the knowing of these moments.

I waited what seemed like forever for the title, “Loving Narcissus & Sometimes God,” to come to me. Eventually, it popped into my brain!

Perhaps, all the wonderful IG accounts and YouTube accounts that focus on narcissistic abuse helped me better understand why empaths like myself can attract narcissists. In this collection, I use the Greek Myth of “Narcissus” to represent all the ways that loving people who are unhealthy for us can shift our focus away from that love of God. In my latest YouTube video, I read the title poem, “Loving Narcissus.”

The last half of the poetry collection focuses on the better choice of simply Loving God in all areas and at all stages of our lives. Here is the final poem of the collection. I’d love it if you pre–ordered the book. It is free on Kindle Unlimited.

All This Talk About Death

We go on folks…we go on.
The credits are rolling,
surgeons are packing up their tools,
loved ones are falling to their knees,
and there you are in spirit going on,
finally aware of how your worries
shouldn’t have been worries.

You should have loved them more,
hugged them more frequently,
reminded them to be happier,
taken them out to enjoy
the sunlight and moonlight.

You should have danced more,
laughed more, praised more,
and joked around a bit more.

You are excited though,
hovering there above your discarded body
because it makes more sense to continue
than to become nothing
when you are something—
a spark of God that you dimmed
and brightened depending
on your circumstances and mood.

And, now, you can be fully
who you were meant to be,
who you too often limited
in the realm of fear and time.

@ Tricia Barker, 2019

Life to Afterlife: Death and Back

I’m excited that my story is featured in this documentary by
Craig P McMahon
. The near-death experience stories of Erica McKenzie, Ingrid Honkola, and Howard Storm are also featured in this series.

Howard Storm, Ingrid Honkola and I will also be speaking at the IANDS Virtual conference this weekend. Click here to see all the speakers. https://virtualconference.iands.org/

NDE Summit and Interviews

I’m looking forward to The Third Annual Online NDE Summit! It’s a month away!! The live version is free!

I enjoyed the conversation with Suzanne Gisemann on Unity Online Radio. To check out that podcast, click here. We talked about mediumship, near-death experiences, and much more.

Also, John Meser from NDE Podcast.com talked with me recently. Here is Part 1 of that wonderful interview.

Lura Ketchledge, a near-death experiencer herself, hosts a wonderful show and talked with me recently.

The Light of Transformation

Part of the focus of this year’s Third Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit is energetic transformations. The live portion of the discussion is free, so join us on Aug. 1-2 for these conversations about how to transform suffering into release and light.

“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”
― Adyashanti

Are you beginning to lose patience with manipulation, neediness, false pretenses, false hope, illusion, fantasy, fear, complaining, and a focus on the negative or what is lacking? If so, you might be on the right track! 

Let your eyes experience the joy of looking toward the light. 

The spirits from the beyond keep reminding me that so much more is possible.  Even those who dive deep into spiritual studies only know a sliver of what is possible, and the focus on limitation is indeed limiting.

So, if all is made new in the afterlife, all is healed, can this healing can happen here? Heaven is a template of purity to overlay on our lives.  Our higher self is always present as a possibility.  Our higher self holds the keys to truth.  Alignment is a breath away if the belief is strong enough.

The only way to know that we’ve seen into the true nature of something is that the story we’re telling ourselves releases.  It is not only seen to be illusion; it is felt to be illusion. That’s the choice you have—to be a victim in your own ideas and beliefs or to feel into them until they drop away.”  Adyashanti

We often want to hide and buffer ourselves from the light of the truth. Have you ever loved a person or illusion more than you loved God?  More than you loved yourself?  If you have, then you have known suffering.  You have known devastation.  

What is the answer to this devastation?  The light of creation!  The answer is in our own soul and connection to God. 

People around you will rewrite history to escape accountability, but they can’t burn you if you burn with the fire of truth.  Remember that…if you burn with the light and burn brightly, all that is will continue to be. What seems like loss is only the smoke of illusion disappearing. Love is all that we take with us into the afterlife and all that is real. And, that love is yours.

“When you get out of the driver’s seat, you find that life can drive itself, that actually life has always been driving itself. When you get out of the driver’s seat, it can drive itself so much easier—it can flow in ways you never imagined. Life becomes almost magical. The illusion of the “me” is no longer in the way. Life begins to flow, and you never know where it will take you.”― Adyashanti, 

Remember the joy of a child? The child does not care if his or her ideas are acceptable. Choose freedom over anyone’s approval. Choose joy over social norms.

“We end up putting so much attention onto our image that we remain in a continuous state of protecting or improving our image in order to control how others see us.”― Adyashanti, Falling Into Grace

In an age of selfies and presenting a partial version of yourself, dare to be your true self. People will label you, put you on a cross, but take yourself off the cross and jaunt away. They haven’t walked on the ground of your existence or seen the light from your eyes.

In my writings and life, I have dared to be truthful and vulnerable. —Tricia Barker, Author of Angels in the OR and founder of The Third Annual Online NDE Summit.

Accept the parts of you that still require growth…the parts of you that cry out in pain. Parent yourself. Accept the parts of you that have failed according to societies standards, and give yourself the medal of survival and the ticket of eternal freedom.

One of the things, I am thinking in these times is how those of us like me with Complex PTSD can continue to care for ourselves when enduring and witnessing additional trauma.

Here are some wise and powerful words from one of the speaker’s at this year’s event, Cherie Aimee.

“Your body will begin to free itself from the collective trauma when you allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of the world. To express your pain, hurts and emotional turmoil without worrying about looking good, being the perfect leader or saying the right thing.

It is a powerful way to learn your true alchemical power and ability to withstand the storms of life. The reason people do not heal is because they are busy covering up their deepest grief and distracting themselves from their biggest fear—the fear of death.

Instead of facing it head on, we share false truths, create fantasies around wealth, power and beauty, gas light and romanticize our relationship with cognitive dissonance in the name of love and light.

You can not heal what you are unwilling to see. If you turn a blind eye to what is happening in the outer world, what is it you are unwilling to see in your inner world?

When you find the courage to continually face the darkest aspects of life, you can begin the process of reintegrating your soul back into wholeness. It is a process that requires an extreme level of bravery that you were never taught.

Once you learn to continuously allow grief to move through your body and express itself, you will uncover that the process of healing only ever required your body’s understanding of the natural dance between death and rebirth.

You must learn this dance in order to create your true desires for yourself and humanity.” —Cherie Aimee

The 3rd Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit is FREE

The LIVE portion of this year’s summit is FREE!  Click here to reserve your spot and connect with some of the inspirational speaker’s at this online event occurring on August 1-2, 2020 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. CDT.

(If you heard my talk on Unity Online Radio with Suzanne Giesemann, please use the coupon code UNITY for 40% off the paid version which gives you access to the videos which you can download, an all-access portal to the speakers, free books, and a free year of my membership.  I can’t wait to have community with you.)

The 3rd Annual Online Near-Death Death Summit will be a weekend focused on energetic transformations, angel communication, and unconditional love. We all know that this year has been challenging in many ways; however, nature continues to offer us healing and our understanding and participation with energy can amplify at this time. Many beautiful shifts are happening in our world, and we want to bring more healing, peace, and unconditional love to your experiences.


Join us to find out more about how you can deepen your own knowing and feel more confident about being true to your soul’s mission.

To find out more about the speakers and reserve your free ticket, click here.

Be the Light of Your Dreams

I decided to post a draft of the first chapter of a book I have been working on to help college students succeed. I’m posting this to inspire my current students and any students who may be struggling with the sudden change to online classes because of Covid-19 and social distancing practices.

If you have already finished college or achieved a different life goal, maybe this post will be a reminder of what inspired you to not give up on a dream.

Chapter One: Don’t Give Up

“Resilience is a muscle. Flex it enough and it will take less effort to get over emotional punches each time.” – Alecia Moore (Pink)

If there is one piece of advice that I can give to college students, it is to feel deep gratitude for your life and to not care too much about failure. Don’t let a momentary failure define you because anyone who has reached a major goal will tell you stories about paying their dues, receiving rejections, being mocked for their ideas, and encountering jealousy, or even betrayal from those closest to them. Many inspiring people have faced injustice, setbacks, and deep moments of despair, but they found the inner strength to persevere.

One of my favorite quotes about resilience comes from Nelson Mandela.


Setbacks and failures are often part of the process of eventual success. No matter what happens, access your strength, even if you have to sit on the floor and cry or go outside and scream. Don’t turn back, and don’t quit. Keep moving in the direction of your dreams.

As Gary John Bishop puts it, “You change your life by doing, not by thinking about doing.”

I’ve been humbled more times that I can count, and I know pain intimately—deep physical, emotional, and psychological pain. I write openly about these struggles in my memoir Angels in the OR: What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival and Transformation. However, I also know that if I can transcend pain and face tough odds, then you can as well.

Carl Jung, founder of analytic psychology, tells us that “We are not what happened to us, we are what we wish to become.”

There is always a choice to become the best version of yourself!

As I was writing this book to support and motivate college students, our beautiful community college switched all face to face classes to online classes in one week because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The majority of my students are finishing their classes, despite their dismay at this sudden change. Many students are adjusting to online classes with ease, but some are struggling with procrastination, motivation, or even depression and anxiety. Luckily, counselors are providing sessions online, and tutoring services have worked diligently to connect with students virtually.

I am grateful for video conferencing capabilities, and it is joy to see my student’s faces these past weeks. I have been reminding them that now, more than ever, resilience and creativity are crucial skills for navigating challenging times.

Community is also important. Community helps us prosper and feel supported, even if this community is an online community. Several of my students have told me that they are grateful that they have classes to focus on because their friends who aren’t in college and are unemployed are struggling. For the most part, my students are able to stay on track with their goals, and they are witnessing firsthand which careers are more flexible and necessary during shifting times in society.

Though online classes may not have been my student’s first choice, they are grateful to stay on track with their degree plans, and I am proud of their resilience. They are not giving up on their dreams, but they are willing to adjust and look for inspiration no matter how the journey unfolds.

My overall message to students is a simple one—don’t give up for any reason.

Don’t give up on college if you fail a couple of classes. Retake them. Don’t give up if you face a physical illness or face the grief of losing a loved one. Your loved ones would want you to succeed.

Don’t give up if you go through a difficult break-up. Even if the love of your life (who you believed was the answer to your prayers) destroys your relationship and treats you horribly, know that someday you will be wiser and see interpersonal cruelty as immaturity. In the future, you will know yourself as kind and honorable. Committing to your growth as an individual will ensure that you resonate with healthier people.

You can make yourself the CEO of your own life and hire and fire people as you deem necessary.

Don’t give up on college because of a mental health issue. Find a free support group if you don’t have health insurance. Know that there are others who have walked through similar situations and they can help you. Most colleges offer free counseling sessions.  Even during a pandemic, our counselors are taking appointments with students in video chats and in phone calls.

Don’t give up because you have lived through childhood abuse. Learn to retrain your brain and embrace all that you can learn about creating a better life than you had as a child. This takes many years of therapy and dedicated work, but it is worth it. Your parents want this for you even if they are unable to articulate it.

You might change and grow beyond your parent’s world views, and this might change your relationship with your family members. Do it anyway.  Learn to communicate differently, learn to parent yourself, and search out mentors who can help you create the life you want for yourself.

Be an explorer in the realm of what is new.

Understand the basic needs of the human spirit and get plenty of relaxation, time in nature, and support. Learn to nourish yourselves. Invest in your health in ways that are simple and affordable. Exercise, play, take daily walks, meditate for at least 10 minutes a day, drink plenty of water, and eat as many whole fruits and vegetables as possible.

Think about the ancient ways of being healthy, and don’t forget these truths.

When faced with a complicated problem, look for simple, common sense solutions and begin there. Even if you have compounding, stressful life issues, know that greater healing is always possible, and education often points in the direction of healing and greater success.

Realize that many of us are somewhat addicted to technology and this has a negative effect on our emotional and intellectual capabilities. Technology can be a force of great creativity and connection, but it can also be a waste of precious time and hamper our ability to emotionally connect with those closest to us.


In order to achieve goals, you will have to limit the time you spend on entertainment and socialization online. Consider reading the book Alone Together by MIT professor Sherry Turkle who talks about how technology has changed the landscape of families, education, and communities. Hopefully, this pandemic will help us realize as a culture how little we need, how much we have, and the deep value of human connection.

If you are not overwhelmed by personal tragedy, but you are concerned by tragedy in society, know that education is a great place to learn the skills that can help you restore greater peace, understanding, and unity in society. Focus on a career that works toward finding solutions to problems in society.

You become an inspiring leader when you focus on the solution, not the problem.

Don’t give up because of injustice. Education has traditionally been a place where new ideas are formed about how to make society safer and more equitable for everyone. Consider the work of Bryan Stevenson and read his book Just Mercy. His book has also been released as a movie. Stevenson is considered one of the most inspiring and influential people working for greater legal justice and mercy in the United States.

While in college, part of your growth is to learn how to make rational decisions for your future. Seek out those who can point out a path that you can’t see in the moment. Reach out to your professors, academic advisers and others who are there to help you.

Volunteer to help others because this will help you get ‘out of your head’ and ‘into action’ which generally will make you feel better. Service learning and volunteering not only looks great on your resume, but service also teaches you how to understand the journey of others. Even in a time of a pandemic and social isolating, I am encouraging my students to form friendships and support one another in the online environment.

Empathy is an important life skill that can be strengthened when you take the time to see what life looks and feels like from the perspective of another person.

Leslie Jamison, author of a collection of essays titled The Empathy Exams writes that “Empathy suggests you enter another person’s pain as you’d enter another country, through immigration and customs, border-crossing by way of query:  What grows where you are?  What are the laws?  What animals graze there?”

When you help another student succeed by taking the time to share information or offer support, you are in the process of becoming a successful, empathetic leader.  Good leaders want success for everyone around them. And, being a part of a community is one of the quickest ways to deepen your understanding of why you are here and to journey closer to your purpose.

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who is highly empathetic and often taken advantage of by others, realize that deep empathy without personal boundaries is self-destructive. Take advantage of counseling services on campus and learn about boundaries. Read and watch videos on this subject matter.

Also, know that the pain of your past has nothing to do with your worth as a person.

There are many online experts who talk about how to heal from relationships with narcissistic people, and I hope you experts who give you new skills for taking care of yourself.  All abuse is narcissistic in nature because those who are capable of understanding and empathizing with others would never abuse them.

I know you would like for your life to go smoothly and easily, but if you are facing any kind of challenge, know that life is asking you to grow. Try not to look as growth as a punishment; instead, look at it as an opportunity to do more good in this world than you thought possible. Your life can move with greater ease the more that you continue to learn.

Also, realize that people flower at different ages, and your time will be the right time for you.

College can be a beautiful time in your life because of the possibility of exponential growth. Years later, you might look back at a moment in a college class and realize how this moment shaped your life in miraculous ways. When you are present and soak up all that is offered to you, growth becomes easier. Although growth may be challenging, the product of growth can be glorious.

C.S. Lewis, an author and theologian best known for The Chronicles of Narnia, reminds us that “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”

If you have suffered greatly in life or if you face great challenges at some point in your life, know that your destiny is one that can offer extraordinary hope to others. The darkest moments make the stars shine brighter.

The greatest stories are often the ones of overcoming the greatest odds.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind  is one of my favorite books. It is about a young man named William Kambwamba who overcame incredible odds because of his curiosity and love for learning. His story can be heard on a TED talk and has recently been made into a Netflix film.

Remember that it is possible to have a fresh start at any time that you choose. You can simply walk out into your world and choose not to let failure, setbacks, injustice, or any type of defeat define your future.

You are more powerful than you know, so believe this and create what you want to see in this world.

joe dispenza