New Guided Meditations

Humanity is pushing forward energetically. When you are asked to look at old traumas, don’t be afraid. Step into healing and meet your wounds with unconditional love. When you step into healing, you are in the group of people who are embracing important change. If you choose not to step into healing and keep using the same tools and escapisms, you miss out on greater love, freedom, and understanding.

There is no need to fear healing because all that you must do is meet these traumas with the energy of unconditional love. You are supported by the light, and healing is always in your own best interest.

I made this guided meditation to help people let go of trauma. Many of these traumas occurred in childhood for people, so give unconditional love to that little child within you.

This next meditation offers general healing and connection to unconditional love.

I’m very happy to collaborate with Eliya Sound Healer with this guided meditation. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel.

Also, I’d love it if you joined my community (40 days free). We meet twice a month on zoom on Wednesday evenings, and I upload my workshops, private lectures and meditations there. I had so much fun last night giving a couple of group medium readings! The love from the other side sometimes pours through for people, and I feel blessed to be a part of the experience.

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