Love Letter from God


Dear Everyone,

I’m sorry for all the times you were not loved

by those around you. I’m sorry you were left alone

when all you wanted to do was to make people smile.

It is a shame that others didn’t want your silliness,

your goodness, and your sweetness.

They didn’t see that you were made in my image

and that you are a part of me, a part of God.


I’m sorry that you were born with a sensitivity

that should have been protected, a gorgeous sensitivity

that should have been cultivated and honored

but instead was sent harsh words, gaslighted, ignored,

degraded, and abused.  Your trusting nature and openness

was used against you time and time again,

but you met the world like an open flower,

full of love and sunshine. When you learned to close yourself off,

they called you damaged, as if you were

the one who did this to yourself.


I’m sorry that people were driven by jealousy, greed,

unchecked rage, fear, and other dark places in their minds.

I’m sorry that they lashed out at you without provocation.

You did nothing wrong.  I’m sorry for their torture

and all the moments afterwards that you carried

shock within you.  As much as I wanted to turn my face away

when people yelled at you, hit you, or otherwise abused you,

I stayed with you and observed everything.

I could never leave you.   I am the life that wants to live,

wants to continue no matter the amount of trauma.

When your world was turned to rubble by fire

and you had only a handful of food,

I was the hand and I was the food.

I was the bird in the sky that made you dream of flight.


When people hated you for your religion,

the way you worshiped, your politics,

the color of your skin, your gender, your sexual orientation,

your country, your home, your clothes, your accent, your IQ level,

your school, your car, your age, your optimism, your sadness,

I was never sorry to know you intimately.

I love you without reserve.


I’m glad you invited me in when no one else was there.

I’m amazed by your capacity for love and grateful

for all the times you sent swirling,

beautiful energy in my direction.


You are the love you give, not the love you receive from others.

I see the love you give and remember it.

This is all that I remember.

I want you to love yourself the way I love you–

exponentially always expanding, infinite in potential.

I love you and want to give you complete peace,

joy, wonder, grace, and a miraculous, triumphant life of love.

© 2016 by Tricia Barker


I also made a video to accompany this letter from God.  For years, I have required students to pick images to accompany some of their writing or another person’s writing on a video presentation.  I enjoyed finally trying one myself.  Here it is!

20 thoughts on “Love Letter from God

  1. This evening I was looking at the stars,wanting to go ‘home’, wondering how to stay positive in a world that is beyond my understanding,then I check my emails and see this,thank you Tricia 🙂

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      • I feel as if it came to me suddenly and without any thought or planning. The words came through me, and I hardly remembered the act of writing. I felt that the words were channeled. On one of the NDE forums, someone suggested “inspired” was a better term than “channeled” when talking about God. I tend to like the idea of being a channel. I know I have been a channel for angelic communication. I simply move my own ego and self out of the way and let the words flow through me that might benefit others. I know that you are fine with the term:-) Why would anyone be offended by the word “channel?”



      Hi Tricia, we do have to be discerning with channeling,my admins. and I have been monitoring channels on my main site for seven years, some people are very fearful because of the bible.
      Above is a link to an old channel I just now posted on my other site,it may help to explain the fears some have about what is happening to us now as we wake up from this dream we have created for our ‘enjoyment’????
      You have experienced ‘A Higher Reality’ you know that this ‘reality’ is not real,but there are those that want to maintain this illusion,they like the power. Others who are not happy about how some are taking advantage of their power also want to maintain this illusion of separation,it was hard earned,but we do not want to be so stuck in the mud,we do not want the control,it is time to ‘lighten up’ this density, time to remember our connection to source, but maintain our individuality,a tall order,but we can do it….apparently!
      Hold onto your ‘Real Dream’ dear Tricia, no matter what you get told.
      Just keep it simple,love is all there is! God is love! Simple 🙂 Going too far down the rabbit hole is not fun! I know! You and some other people my guides have brought to me in amazing magical ways give me hope.
      A few years ago I met someone at the shops who was going through a difficult time,I told him to have faith,I said we are not alone, I said my guides have ways of letting me know they are close,one way is to get a feather to me in the most imaginative ways,just at that moment a little child of about 5yrs old broke free from her father and gave me a tiny feather,I smiled and looked at my friend and said see! The little girl then calmly walked off with her confused looking father… lol

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      • Little children so often see the heart and soul of matters. They see who is hurting, who is open to the wonder of life, and they know how to display love and intuition without thinking. We do make it difficult sometimes. I’ve decided to simply send love to those who are in fear and keep focusing on what brings me joy and what I know to be true. I loook forward to checking out your site. Thanks for your response:-)

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  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! Would also like to thank you for sharing your spiritual connection with God. This post was very heartfelt as I was reading along. Thank you for the confirmation. We all have gifts inside of us that were given freely. With all of lives circumstances and situations it is part of our mission to share God, and help our fellow brothers and sisters. Thank you again.. you have a follower.

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  3. What a beautiful poem/love letter from God! It felt like it was written (or spoken) to me directly. Thank you for sharing it!
    Terresa Anderson

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  4. I loved this post! There are times, when I pray, that I feel I’m almost getting an apology response from God for some of the things that have happened in my life, and your “Love Letter from God” perfectly puts that into words.

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