10 thoughts on “Relax: The Importance of Meditation and Disconnecting from this World

  1. Thank you for posting such lovely things. I am a visual learner, so I hope I get to see you talk one day soon. I live for encouragement from people with some wisdom from the other side. I had an NDE and I recently lost my son
    Love, Love, Love…

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    • Hi Allie,

      I would love to talk with you more and hear about your NDE. Send me an email. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your son, and I hope you have a good support network. I know your son is surrounded by a beautiful, happy, loving God…it is difficult for us on this side when we experience that loss though. Many blessings to you…


    • Allie Tricia has done some lovely youtubes.
      Thank you Tricia for this beautiful post,I can relate to the time machine thing,you have been ‘home’ and you brought some of the beauty back here on earth,I did that after my OBE but it didn’t last,I lost some of the love and peace after a couple of years, meditation has also eluded me,I find it a challenge now days.
      Much love xxx

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      • Have you tried Insight Timer? It is a meditation app that has many different guided meditations? I have gone away from meditation at times and then returned to it. This last time, I pushed through the weeks of thinking it wasn’t ever going to be the same and then the magic returned. I started lucid dreaming again and having amazing meditations. I’m a fan of the Mahatma energy meditation on that app. There are literally thousands of meditations. I sometimes do one a few times, and then amend it and do it on my own. There are some meditations which I would classify more as hypnonsis for healing certain wounds from the past. Those are also helpful in a different way.


  2. It’s so important to take time away from things and recharge, especially in today’s hectic and frenetic world. I used to meditate regularly, but have gotten away from it recently in favor of other consciousness – altering techniques. I like shamanic drumming, and I’ve recently gotten into trying sensory deprivation flotation tanks…I feel lighter in my mood and way more relaxed: the effects last for a few days afterwards. Do you have any tips for lucid dreaming? I’ve wanted to try that for some time now, and I have read some books on it, but the farthest I seem to get is to be able to vividly remember my dreams. There are times when I can feel the same love in my dreams that I felt during my STE, but they happen rather infrequently.

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    • I tried a sensory deprivation flotation tank once, but I might not have picked the best place for it because it was a bit small. I pictured a larger area to float. I know Dannion Brinkley suggested these in one of his books years ago. He had a five step plan for dealing with addiction and depression…group therapy, massage therapy/healing work, floatation tanks, meditation, and service work/hospice work. I read the book years ago…I may not remember the exact five things he suggested, but floatation tanks stood out in my mind. Some people have had OBEs using these tanks. Drumming is a wonderful practice. It’s very cool that you do that. When it comes to lucid dreaming, I try to meditate before bed and set an intention to have a lucid dream. For me, I can tell when I am more in the flow of life or fighting life. If I’m more in the flow…I can lucid dream. If I’m struggling against life, I usually struggle in my dreams. I have my personal symbols that work as anchors or triggers. I know what I see frequently in dreams, so I tell myself right before bed that if I see a river, a bird, or a wall in my dream then that is a trigger to let me know that I can start lucid dreaming. If you often dream about the same things, you can tell yourself these symbols are symbols to let you know you have control at that point in the dream. Most of all, going to bed very happy and relaxed seems to at least open the space for that possibility. Intention is a powerful thing….though it can take a while…months sometimes. If you stick with that intention, it seems to eventually occur.


      • Thank you for your advice..I’ll keep at it and work more on setting my intentions. It’s funny you mentioned Dannion Brinkley as I just received a newsletter from him. I thoroughly enjoyed his books. He had a vision for healing centers that he was supposed to setup to help manage stress while he had his NDE, but he’s apparently hit some roadblocks as he hasn’t been able to develop the technology to match his visions. I hope he’s able to make a breakthrough sometime soon!

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