Safe, Eternal, and Free

We are all part of love and all part of God.   We are all capable of living as love and the light of God which knows that it is always safe, eternal, and free no matter what is occurring on the physical, three-dimensional plane.

I know that the minute I left form, I forgave everything and everyone instantly.  Pain is contained in our stories and in this physical realm, but we do not have to wait to find freedom only in death.  Freedom can be found through walking in faith and practicing forgiveness.  The concept of faith seems simple, just as forgiveness does, but these feats are heroic.  To step into the unknown and believe that God will meet us at every step requires the courage of a seer who has lost sight of the future.  To be beaten down at every turn and still have faith, requires the strength of a warrior. To be betrayed, abused, neglected, wounded, and abandoned and to forgive, so that one’s own life might grow bright again, requires a terrifying amount of strength. 

For many NDErs, our mission (whether to work as ministers, teachers, healers, speakers, writers, or simply to walk through this world as love) is mainly to do our best to hold on to the memory and energy of God’s love and show others how to access this love of God.  That is what God showed me when God told me that my purpose would be to teach and remind others of their light.  Our connection to God’s love is aptly symbolized through light because light makes things clearer. 

We can all access love, healing, and peace at any time.  Anyone can have a mission focused on love.  All it requires is communion and faith in the most loving force imaginable, a love that we all need more of in our lives.

The more often I hold on to the energy and love of God, the more often I can help others access this love.   As a teacher, there were so many times that I couldn’t believe that it took so little effort on my part to open a student’s heart. All I had to do was see any one of my students– really see them, witness their struggle, and then offer some hope, not a ton of hope either, just a thread.  It takes so little effort to be kind to others, yet it makes such a major difference in the quality of their lives and our own.

Many NDErs feel disheartened about returning to form because too often people do not go out of their way to be kind.  Navigating a world of people in great pain who have forgotten their connection to light is a tough hike.  Still, I am glad that God sent me back against my wishes.  I may have suffered, I may have cried on this journey back in form, but I have stayed determined to keep pushing forward, to keep believing in the beauty of a higher calling–a calling which forces me to remember and to teach what love truly is. Love brings us great peace and moments of knowing that we are perfect just as we are. 

2 thoughts on “Safe, Eternal, and Free

  1. The morning after doing some forgiveness work I woke up outside my body. Not only was I outside myself but I was able to see plants, trees, flowers vibrating with their auras extending feet beyond their ordinary state. The colors and the aliveness of everything was astonishing. This lasted about 3 hours and while I was still able to drive and go to work I was filled with awe. I think forgiveness is a way of saying to yourself that what you see isn’t the real world. My forgiveness techniques are a combination of The Work, by Byron Katie, A Course in Miracles, and ho’oponopono. I love forgiveness work. I love taking 100% responsibility for my feelings. Forgiveness is the greatest gift we can ever give ourselves. Tricia, one thing I might add to your beautiful post is not to discount small hurts. A child can hold onto the pain of a mother being late to pick her up from school more so than a beating. Or not being read to at night can be more painful than being screamed at by a parent. Forgive everything equally. It doesn’t seem rational but it’s true. Anyway, loved your post. Thank-you.

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    • What a lovely line—“Forgiveness is a way of saying to yourself that what you see isn’t the real world.” Yes….according to the wisdom from the NDE love is all that matters and all that we take with us. Byron Katie has a lot of wisdom to share and so do you…. Thanks for your thoughts….


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