Be the Light of Your Own Healing


Why did I pick the phrase, Be the light of your own healing? I picked it because the angels gave me this phrase, and I usually listen when they speak. During my near-death experience, God was depicted as a light for me. The angels sent healing light through the surgeons into my body. I was told to return and teach and remind others of their light, and I saw these light-filled souls along a river.

Life is always flowing and moving in new directions, and I can see in my mind’s eye how each of us might intersect another’s life for only a moment.  If in that moment, we can remind others of their light and divinity, we have made the world a better place. Sometimes, we walk beside someone for a longer while, hopefully increasing the light and flow of goodness in each other’s lives.

Our divine right is to be in alignment with God, to make wise choices, and to demonstrate love and kindness on this earth. When you are in alignment with the light of God, you can reprogram your subconscious to feel deeply worthy of health, healing, and goodness. You realize that to be the light of your own healing, you must also reach out to help others.

One of the most healing aspects of my near-death experience was being in the presence of an all-loving, supportive, understanding, caring God. For the first time in my life, I wanted for nothing. In the presence of God, I felt perfectly at ease. This was a miracle for me because I had suffered quite a bit during my twenty-two years on earth. I had a heart heavy with great emotional pain, but in an instant, the light healed that pain and granted me more love than I imagined possible. After that moment in the presence of God, I could never forget what that unconditional love felt like.

We are most in alignment with the light when we feel worthy of love and when we serve others. The minute we start wondering what we will receive in return for our service, the gift of service is no longer service but manipulation. What we receive for our service and gift of light to the world is a communion with the energy of unconditional love. Love is all that remained in the afterlife, so creating moments of giving love to this world is truly all that matters.

Helping others and sending light to this world saved my life countless times.  I’m not saying that all service should be without a monetary component. I would love to see a society that valued those in helping professions greatly. However, those who are in the flow of divine love and grace are mostly concerned with how magical it is to be a conduit of healing for others.  They are not worried about their status as much as how many bright memories, love-filled memories they can create while here.

A few years ago, God spoke to me loudly and audibly and told me that my teaching mission in the educational field had completed. I have taught English at the junior high, high school, and community college level. I assumed I would teach until retirement, and I was shocked to hear this. God also let me know that I was free to do “whatever I wanted to do.”

Quickly, I realized I wanted to write about my near-death experience, my teaching mission from the afterlife, and the struggle to survive as a young woman in this culture. My journey before and after the NDE has not been easy, but every experience has allowed my heart to expand to include others who have suffered in the same way.   There were days and there still are days when I wrestle with my mind and its tendencies for depression.  I wrestle with it until I get negative thoughts in a choke-hold.  I make sure that a positive focus wins, no matter how much effort it takes to get there.  Most days, it doesn’t take that much effort.  If I remember the feeling of being in the presence of God, I feel an immediate shift.  I know you can make these shifts in your lives.

Change is heroic.  Every person who has committed to his or her growth, health, and success has had to change. 

I still enjoy working as an educator, but I feel called to share my life with others who are interested in spiritual growth and healing.  I want to create communities and classes focused on greater healing and inner freedom.  I plan to do this through Facebook groups, and I hope to schedule more speaking events across the country.   Someday, I know I will be talking in a bright green field, and we will stand up to dance together.  Peace on earth is possible one loving community at a time. We will find ourselves in these communities more often.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, and follow the Facebook page that I created last night with the guidance of an amazing expert who helps many people achieve their dreams and beautifully launch their ideas into the world.

In time, I will connect more frequently with you about classes, free offerings, and ways to incorporate more joy and light into your lives.


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