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I am a fan of Audible books, especially on long road trips, and I’m happy to hear that people are enjoying Angels in the OR as an Audible. Years ago as an English major in college, I dreamed of writing a book. I didn’t imagine that a car wreck at the end of my senior year in college would be the starting point of my future book.  As an agnostic, I never imagined angels would feature in my story either, but I am grateful that they showed up in that operating room and changed everything about my life.

People often ask me if I am still in touch with the angels. I didn’t talk frequently about this connection until many years after my near-death experience, but they are in my life and the energy they send is healing, encouraging, and loving.  Picking up on their energy is often the link to knowing their presence. I notice, sometimes after the fact, how they connect me to certain people who help me accomplish a particular goal, usually one that focuses on education, healing, and unconditional love.

Since I started blogging and making YouTube videos in 2016, I have talked with many people who have been inspired to ask the angels to help them during surgeries. At book signings, I am meeting medical professionals who are open to assistance from the other side and this is encouraging too. There are many amazing people walking this earth doing wonderful work in a variety of situations. One of the messages from the other side is that we need to make a conscious choice to acknowledge the goodness that surrounds us.  Too much of a focus on tragedy and negativity weighs down our spirits.

I hoped to spread healing and strengthen other’s faith with Angels in the OR.  While writing, I imagined that a soul who was deeply hurting might open up to a light from the heavens that would change his or her life. I understand deep grief.  Before and after my near-death experience, I have experienced situations that challenged me deeply; however, difficult situations can teach us how to use our compasses differently.  When you point your compass in the direction of God, challenges become much easier. And, when your focus is on adding God’s love to the world, your own healing deepens and expands.

This week, I have begun to change some of my YouTube interviews into podcasts. I hope you might check out some of these interviews. I have been blessed to connect with many amazing light-filled souls who shared their stories with me.

In fact, these interviews prompted me to create The First Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit last year. This year, I have partnered with The University of Heaven in the creation of The Second Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit.  We have a great line-up of speakers who will certainly inspire and encourage you.


7 thoughts on “Reflections about Angels in the OR

  1. Happy you are doing so well with your book – very very inspiring! Also happy you are making podcasts – easier to find your interviews, and not everyone has unlimited bandwidth plans.
    Sending blessings to you and your angels.

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    • Thank you so much! I know podcasts work better for many, and it is fun to change these interviews over to that format. From now on, I’ll upload to YouTube and to iTunes, etc. Many blessings to you!


  2. Tricia, I listen to Coast to Coast often at night and heard your interview last night, it was extremely interesting. This happened to me when I was 16 years old and I am now 60, but remember it like it was yesterday. I really enjoyed your thoughts and details of what happened to you as all of it was like I was talking from my own experience. I’ve only shared my story with a few friends and have never written about it, however I have shared my experience with a few people who were dying to help them be less afraid of what lies ahead. It’s a really different topic and one that not all people want to engage in but thank you so much for the wonderful talk last night on Coast to Coast radio I really enjoyed listening.

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    • Thank you Jim! I want to respond more fully to those who called in, and I will make a post about this soon. It touches me to hear from those who had similar experiences. One of the kindest things we can do after having an experience like ours is to help ease people’s fears of dying. We do go on….I know this and you do as well. Thanks for writing to me.


      • I would like to hear more of Jim’s story too! Thanks about the post…. I need a free moment to reflect, but I took notes on the names and want to respond with more depth. The time with each person went by so quickly.


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