My Message To You

Hello Everyone,

I have had requests to respond to the current situation on a spiritual level.  I can’t make a video at the moment because there is a lot of work to be done for the community college where I work.  We are switching completely to a virtual online environment.

However, I want to remind everyone that if you need spiritual inspiration and comfort there are countless podcasters who have offer amazing shows and wonderful interviews with uplifting people.  You can check out my media list and browse through their shows.  I’m sure you are familiar with my story by at this point:-)

Thanks so much for your support of my YouTube channel.  Obviously, I will continue interviewing near-death experiencers and spiritual teachers as soon as my new work load normalizes.  In the meantime, meditate, exercise, breathe deeply, and know that there is more love available to you that you realize.

Let this love flow through you as you reach out to others and encourage them.  And, if you are bored, check out the many zoo tours and museum tours that are free online right now.  Now, is a also a great time to start your own YouTube channel or learn some dances on Tik Tok 🙂  Joy and being childlike in this joy is contagious as well!

On a more serious note, I want to share what was shared with me as a faculty member. I am extremely proud of our nursing faculty for passing along the most accurate and straight-forward information about why we are social distancing because of the Coronavirus.  Special thanks to Cindy Mask, our Faculty Association President. I am sharing with you what was shared with me.  I hope this clears up any misconceptions about why we are social distancing.

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From the Tarrant Count Community College Faculty Association: “We present the information below factually and bluntly. The hyperlinks are to reliable sources of firsthand information or reputable news sources citing those primary sources.

This is a once-in-a-century global health crisis (e.g. 1918 “Spanish flu”) and certainly the greatest public health challenge the world has faced since that pandemic. As you also probably already know, many people can be contagious, not have symptoms or have mild symptoms and pass the virus on to others.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) some people, even young healthy people, can then develop life-threatening disease if exposed. The data suggests most people will contract the COVID-19 virus!

Happily the majority will experience only mild symptoms. However, a substantial subset of up to ~20% will experience a more severe form akin to a very bad cold or to typical flu-like symptoms; another smaller subset of ~10% will develop a severe form requiring medical care with the worst cases requiring hospitalization. Most importantly, there is a ~2% chance of death overall in the population with that figure skewing heavily towards the older part of the population and those with underlying medical conditions.

This is not “like the flu” because there is no evidence that anyone anywhere is immune to the infection. It is a newly emergent zoonotic virus and humans are naïve immunologically. Neither immunization nor an equivalent to Tamiflu as a treatment has been found. The flu has about a 0.1% mortality rate for the fraction of the population that does contract it each year; ~34 thousand Americans died last year. 2% of
330 million Americans is about 6.6 million people.

Flattening the Curve: The increase in the number of people who have life-threatening disease can overwhelm our hospitals’ ability to care for them or others adequately—as we are already seeing in Italy. This is why the recommendations are for people to stay away from each other at this time. It is critical that you take this threat seriously and take every precaution you can to limit person-to-person contact. We must control the rate at which the virus moves through our population so that the maximum number of severe cases has access to a finite number of doctors, hospital beds and medical

Time is the ally here.  Please stay safe by staying away from other people.

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