Spiritual Identity: Mixing Spiritual Beliefs

Update 1/19/19:  My memoir, Angels in the OR: What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival, and Transformation, can be pre-ordered now.  It is a #1 new release in several categories.  I would love it if you helped me make near-death experiences more mainstream. 

“Creeds and schools in abeyance, / Retiring back a while sufficed at what they are, but never forgotten, / I harbor for good or bad, I permit to speak at every hazard, / Nature without check with original energy.”  — Song of Myself, Walt Whitman


Musicians are known for mixing genres and influences and describing their sound as indie rock, post-punk revival, dance-rock.  Some musicians even coin terms that describe their music in creative ways like psychobilly—a fusion genre of rock that mixes punk rock, rock and roll, and rockabilly.  Some amazing bands like Alabama Shakes have a sound classified as blues rock, southern rock, and soul music, yet some of their songs defy classification.

If musicians can genre-mix in order to stretch their identities, why can’t people on a spiritual path do the same?  They can, and do, of course.  The Pew Research Center details the variety of beliefs and connections American make between religions and practices.  Great meditation teachers and spiritual teachers mix beliefs and ideas from various practices and religions.

Over the years, I’ve met people who refer to themselves as a Gnostic Shaman, a Buddhist Jew, a Christo-Pagan or a Hindu who attends services at Unitarian Universalist Church.  In Austin, I ran into professors at the Unitarian Universalist church who loved to discuss everything from a poem by Rumi to the story of Hanuman.  Many people in new age communities simply say they are spiritual and discuss the various teachers they have followed over the years. Beliefs overlap throughout religions, so it makes sense that people who search for their spiritual identity are often inspired more by beliefs than religions.  Teachings that bring people greater inner peace, healing, and contentment are highly valued.  Teachings about charity, kindness, and love appeal to spiritual seekers and to most people in general.  I love my meditation practice, and all that I have learned from shamanic healing practices.

My beliefs after the NDE:  It is certainly easier to say I am spiritual than to come up with a term that reflects my specific interests and beliefs.  If pressed, I would say that I am spiritual with a specialized focus on healing myself and others.  Over the years, I have been deeply inspired by beliefs and teachings from Buddhism, Christianity, Shamanism, and various New Age/Spiritual teachers.  However, the aspects of these beliefs and practices that are healing are the aspects that interest me the most.  During my NDE, I clearly heard the words, “Love is all that matters.”  Though this statement can be interpreted in many ways, I interpret it as love should be the basis of any belief or spiritual practice.  Love should be the guiding force in all areas of life.

Since I live in the U.S. and Christianity is a large part of our history and my upbringing, I honor that tradition.  I love certain saints and novenas, even though I was not raised as a Catholic.  I’m drawn to sacred sites.  The healing cathedral El Santurio de Chimayo’s energy is powerful and has proven miraculous in healing emotional and physical pain for me on the three occasions I have visited.  Years ago, I had a spiritual encounter with Christ and love his healing energy.  I’m hardly a traditional Christian, though I love many services and many different types of Christian churches, as long as the primary message is one of love.

The Light: What never changes is that I have complete faith in the light and angels I met on the other side of this life during my NDE.  I know that I am guided by and will be greeted by deeply intelligent, compassionate, graceful beings at the end of my journey.  I know that getting a glimpse at the next part of the journey has made me more of a believer in the magic of transformation more than anything else.  All paths, beliefs, and religions attempt to lead us to the light.  I want to align more with the light in any way that I can while on the earth.  I don’t want to be distracted by anything that isn’t a direct link to the light, love, and compassion I encountered during my NDE.


Healing:  Being an extra-sensitive soul and experiencing great pain and suffering in my life has allowed me to understand the experiences of many people.  The answers to pain are spiritual in nature but usually not evident in the moment.  In the moment of trauma or moments afterwards, people are often filled with various emotions.  The best thing any of us can do for a person in pain is to deeply listen to them and open our hearts, sometimes offering sound pieces of advice which usually focus on how that person might take better care of themselves through a difficult time. Compassion for others and for ourselves is vital.

When we give ourselves the love we have been searching for, life brightens and expands.  There is no more searching, only being on a bright path that is our own path. 

May your path be filled with great mixes of music and beliefs that carry you safely and happily through your life and home.