The Light of Transformation

Part of the focus of this year’s Third Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit is energetic transformations. The live portion of the discussion is free, so join us on Aug. 1-2 for these conversations about how to transform suffering into release and light.

“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”
― Adyashanti

Are you beginning to lose patience with manipulation, neediness, false pretenses, false hope, illusion, fantasy, fear, complaining, and a focus on the negative or what is lacking? If so, you might be on the right track! 

Let your eyes experience the joy of looking toward the light. 

The spirits from the beyond keep reminding me that so much more is possible.  Even those who dive deep into spiritual studies only know a sliver of what is possible, and the focus on limitation is indeed limiting.

So, if all is made new in the afterlife, all is healed, can this healing can happen here? Heaven is a template of purity to overlay on our lives.  Our higher self is always present as a possibility.  Our higher self holds the keys to truth.  Alignment is a breath away if the belief is strong enough.

The only way to know that we’ve seen into the true nature of something is that the story we’re telling ourselves releases.  It is not only seen to be illusion; it is felt to be illusion. That’s the choice you have—to be a victim in your own ideas and beliefs or to feel into them until they drop away.”  Adyashanti

We often want to hide and buffer ourselves from the light of the truth. Have you ever loved a person or illusion more than you loved God?  More than you loved yourself?  If you have, then you have known suffering.  You have known devastation.  

What is the answer to this devastation?  The light of creation!  The answer is in our own soul and connection to God. 

People around you will rewrite history to escape accountability, but they can’t burn you if you burn with the fire of truth.  Remember that…if you burn with the light and burn brightly, all that is will continue to be. What seems like loss is only the smoke of illusion disappearing. Love is all that we take with us into the afterlife and all that is real. And, that love is yours.

“When you get out of the driver’s seat, you find that life can drive itself, that actually life has always been driving itself. When you get out of the driver’s seat, it can drive itself so much easier—it can flow in ways you never imagined. Life becomes almost magical. The illusion of the “me” is no longer in the way. Life begins to flow, and you never know where it will take you.”― Adyashanti, 

Remember the joy of a child? The child does not care if his or her ideas are acceptable. Choose freedom over anyone’s approval. Choose joy over social norms.

“We end up putting so much attention onto our image that we remain in a continuous state of protecting or improving our image in order to control how others see us.”― Adyashanti, Falling Into Grace

In an age of selfies and presenting a partial version of yourself, dare to be your true self. People will label you, put you on a cross, but take yourself off the cross and jaunt away. They haven’t walked on the ground of your existence or seen the light from your eyes.

In my writings and life, I have dared to be truthful and vulnerable. —Tricia Barker, Author of Angels in the OR and founder of The Third Annual Online NDE Summit.

Accept the parts of you that still require growth…the parts of you that cry out in pain. Parent yourself. Accept the parts of you that have failed according to societies standards, and give yourself the medal of survival and the ticket of eternal freedom.

One of the things, I am thinking in these times is how those of us like me with Complex PTSD can continue to care for ourselves when enduring and witnessing additional trauma.

Here are some wise and powerful words from one of the speaker’s at this year’s event, Cherie Aimee.

“Your body will begin to free itself from the collective trauma when you allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of the world. To express your pain, hurts and emotional turmoil without worrying about looking good, being the perfect leader or saying the right thing.

It is a powerful way to learn your true alchemical power and ability to withstand the storms of life. The reason people do not heal is because they are busy covering up their deepest grief and distracting themselves from their biggest fear—the fear of death.

Instead of facing it head on, we share false truths, create fantasies around wealth, power and beauty, gas light and romanticize our relationship with cognitive dissonance in the name of love and light.

You can not heal what you are unwilling to see. If you turn a blind eye to what is happening in the outer world, what is it you are unwilling to see in your inner world?

When you find the courage to continually face the darkest aspects of life, you can begin the process of reintegrating your soul back into wholeness. It is a process that requires an extreme level of bravery that you were never taught.

Once you learn to continuously allow grief to move through your body and express itself, you will uncover that the process of healing only ever required your body’s understanding of the natural dance between death and rebirth.

You must learn this dance in order to create your true desires for yourself and humanity.” —Cherie Aimee