Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit (July 23-25, 2021)

I would love it if you signed up for free, and checked out the cool speakers that I have lined up for this year’s online summit. Many more speakers will be added to the pre-recorded portal. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel because I will give you lots of updates about this event.

On July 23-25th, speakers will be LIVE on my YouTube to answer your questions about the afterlife, mysticism, intuition, sound healing, energy healing, unity consciousness, spiritual healing from narcissistic abuse, personal empowerment and much more! This year’s conference theme is Practical Spirituality and Personal Empowerment.

Many people write to me and want to know how to feel a divine flow of love in their lives, so I am interviewing and pre-recording with experts in grief recovery, psychology, healing, coaching, personal empowerment, and liberation without spiritual bypass. Additional speakers will be announced soon!

My hope is always to bring more healing to those who have suffered trauma. People with PTSD have heightened perceptions, and one of my messages is that these heightened perceptions can be a beautiful gift when you spend time in nature. I can’t tell you how many people have told me stories of letting the earth send healing energy to them when they are suffering.

Never underestimate the power of simply sitting under a tree, walking along a body of water, or climbing a hill and looking at a beautiful expanse of this earth. Healing through nature brings more space and peace to the heart, mind, body, and soul.

We live in a time where many people’s nervous systems are agitated and programmed for arguments, but there is no need to argue with the healing power of nature. If you subscribe to a religion, believing that God created nature to help heal you will be a positive in your life. If you are agnostic, you can understand that time in nature decreases your stress level and improves your health. One of the messages from my near-death experience was simply, “Remind them to go to nature.” I remind people frequently. Mission completed:-)

So, go to nature, enjoy your day, and enjoy your life. And, if you want the full list of speakers and pre-recorded events, click here!

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