The Healing Power of True Stories

I feel blessed and lucky to have had the chance to speak and attend the Denver IANDS conference this summer.  At the conference, I heard Dr. Eben Alexander and Mark Anthony’s talks.  Proof of Heaven and  Never Letting Go were influential and helpful books on my journey.

Many NDErs say the same things in different ways.  Because I loved Proof of Heaven so much, I considered not taking the time to write my own story.  However, at some point, I realized that my journey as a woman, a survivor, a traveler, a teacher, a dreamer, a poet, and a mystic needed to be written.  True stories have powerful healing potential for the writer and the readers.   We long for community and connection, and the journeys of others bless us in countless ways.  A book written in service of others should be raw and honest enough to connect with the right audience, crafted well enough to entertain, and sprinkled with inspiration.

Most people long to transcend the patterns and blocks that hold them back.  They want to break through these blocks like high school football players running through a banner into the best game of their lives.   I am certain that the world needs more true stories of eventual triumph, a deep connection to others, and communion with the divine.  We live to learn how to shine, to light the way, and to pass the torch on to others.

Tell your stories to the world.  Stand in your creative power, your connection to the light, and watch your world transform.


5 thoughts on “The Healing Power of True Stories

  1. Hi Tricia, I just finished your unknown angel meditation, again. Thank-you for making that video it always makes me feel like I’m giving as much as I’m receiving. As far as true stories go I think it activates my imagination in a more profound way than any fiction. Your vibration is encoded in every word and the impact multiplies.
    Thank-you for being such an inspiration to the world. You didn’t have to but you did.
    Much love, J

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    • Thank you so much for believing in the importance of true stories of healing and transformation. I wish you much joy and happiness on your journey. I really do appreciate your support, and I’m glad the meditation works for you. I hope to make more soon.


      • Thank-you. I’ve been into nde stories since high school in the late 70’s.
        I Read Raymond Moody and Elisabeth Kubler Ross and it just gripped me. I’m thrilled how much more it’s accepted now, however, there’s always been a lack when it comes to communicating with younger people. You are an outstanding representative for them and us. With much gratitude, J


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