Coast to Coast Interview, Midnight in the Desert, and Sunny in Seattle

I’ve had a fun week of interviews with three amazing radio show hosts. I am grateful for the interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM earlier this week, and I wanted to say a few things to the callers who had questions for me.

First of all, thank you for sharing your experiences.  I was moved by your stories. I would love to answer more of your questions and connect you with other experiencers and researchers at The Second Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit.  Please check out this online event if you are interested in near-death experiences and near-death experience research.


To learn more about The Second Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit, please click here.

Secondly, there was a woman who called in who was searching for her purpose and had been through many hardships.  I didn’t have much time to meditate on her situation, but I saw that on an energetic level that she is giving away too much of her personal energy. Matt Kahn’s latest video titled “You Are The Way” might help her and other empaths find a better balance between taking care of their own needs and caring for this world.

Also, a man called in who recently lost his brother.  I didn’t have time for a full reading, but I hope he might consider reading Annie Kagan’s book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. From what I hear from my father and others in the afterlife, there is much learning that can still be done after death. There is much light, love and understanding that can occur in the afterlife. Healing between family members can occur even after a death, so do not give up on the light of understanding, forgiveness, and release.

If you aren’t familiar with Sunny in Seattle, you can listen to my episode with her and some of her other interviews.  She asked great questions about my book that I haven’t been asked before, and she asked me about my work with Lisa Smartt and Raymond Moody on The Second Annual Online Near-death Experience Summit.  Here are two video clips from Lisa Smartt and Raymond Moody’s talks.

I also really enjoyed my interview with Dave Schrader on Midnight in the Desert

Thanks for the calls from across the country.  I especially loved hearing about your own out-of-body experiences and spiritually transformative moments.  Many blessings to you all!


3 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Interview, Midnight in the Desert, and Sunny in Seattle

  1. Your interview is that & so much more and how much the father and the son and the Holy Spirit truly loves you and working through you…
    We’ve only begun to scratch the surface…there’s one particular site and it will delight you to go to… it’s called “after ” click menu …click Linda Noskowitz who writes for the Father .. click Julie Whedbee who writes for Jesus…
    There are many that the Father touches .. he touched you in a very special way..
    And he speaks to all of us differently your story is very compelling and needs to be told he wants to share His love with people.
    And Jesus also needs to be consoled His suffering is even more yet to come… God’s blessings Mary’s Grace’s mercies to you your loved ones…


  2. Hi again Tricia. I wrote in another thread but I guess this one is fine too. I have several questions for you, if I may. Where can I send them? Or do you prefer here? Do you attend live conversations, either through Skype or whatever?

    Thank you very much


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